Friday, March 7, 2008

Want more time off!

I am having blog-posting-withdrawl, so I thought I'd post something from work. Luckily this site is not blocked by the SHOULD be, since I work at an International carrier...but it's not, so good for me! I bought a crapload of makeup I'll be posting pics real soon.

Blogging is therapeutic just as much as it is an addiction. It's time-consuming...and I never seem to have time! Recently I only have a day and a half off after night shifts, and I'm back to the yard again...Definitely NOT enough time to recuperate...I'm irritable, and my hair won't listen, LOL. Ladies, the key to staying healty and fresh-looking is to stay hydrated, not smoking, and GET ENOUGH SLEEP! Man, I can't stress how important getting a good amount of shut-eye is every night (or day, in my case).

I started my current job almost two years ago, and not only has my skin gotten worse, but my weight has fluctuated and immunes weakened. Okay, this makes me sounds like I'm really sickly...I'm not, but my hectic work schedule has really taken it's toll on my previous healthy mind and body. In addition to regular day shifts, I work six night shifts per month and each shift is 14 hours long. I do get a three-hour break per shift, but it's not enough to where I feel well-rested. None of the products I've tried have successfully restored lost moisture to my skin, and conceal the gray half- moons under my eyes...but I am on a mission to find them! Perhaps my lovely readers can recommend some awesome life-saving products? LOL.

Anywho, hope all of you are having a great day! And don't stay up too late! ;)

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