Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair Flower FOTD

Here are some pics of my 'ol mug...rockin' the hair flowers Ms. Neeyuh made for me ;)
Thank you again sweetie!

I got my hair permed today. Instead of the regular method where they just saturate your hair in chemicals (I forget what it's called), they saturate your hair, rinse it off with water, then blow hot ionized air at your head for 30's called 'air wave' and it's really popular in Japan because it lasts longer then the regular perm, and the curl doesn't stretch after you blow-dry your hair.

Enough ya go.

hair flowers 008
hair flowers 007
hair flowers 012
hair flowers 016
hair flowers 001

My hair before....taken in January-ish.
hair flowers 009
And after....
hair flowers 014

Saturday, April 18, 2009

All Things Pink...

So I'm kind of on a pink high now. Everything I buy nowadays is pink. If the product itself 'aint pink, the packaging is....I wonder if it means single girls tend to buy a lot of pink sh*t? What the fff is wrong with me? Hehehehe.

It's Laaaaaaaaaav!

画像 034
画像 013
L to R: Marie Claire Glamorous Rich Rouge, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect, Orbis Moist Lip Essence, Lancome Juicy Tube, DHC Lip Cream, NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear, NARS Lip Lacquer

画像 006
top: NYC Ultra Last Lip Wear in Fragile Pink
bottom: NARS Lip Lacquer in 1903 (they use four-digit codes here, not names. WTF!)

top: Marie Claire Glamorous Rich Rouge in BE64
middle: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Satin Pink
bottom: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Frozen Punch

Last but not least, Kose Moisture Mild Lotion-L (toner) and Moisture Mild Cream. They can be found at most drugstores in Tokyo for a thousand yen each (about USD $10). Both are alcohol-free and make my skin unbelievably SOFT! If you want a nice moisturizing base underneath your makeup, try this. It works on my combination/oily skin. It helped get rid of the dry patches yet didn't turn my face into an oil slick.

The cream is not really a cream per se....more like a lightweight gel. It sinks right in and doesn't leave a filmy residue like other moisturizers do. I've been using both for the last three weeks, and my skin is noticeably softer to the touch...and it stays that way the entire day after putting it on!
画像 021

I hope y'all are having a great weekend...I'm actually staying in...on a Saturday night!!!!!!! I've been partying non-stop almost every weekend since Valentine's....I got off work this morning(freakin' two consecutive night shifts!), so I need some rest. I am itching for some ah-ah-ah-ah -ah-alcohooooool though....maybe I'll make a run to the convenience store by my station for some beer and chu-hi's.....alkie! LOL. I'll be back soon :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Swap with Neeyuh-chan

Neeyuh is one awesome b*tch. We did a swap and she sent me hand-made hair flowers. No one ever gives me hand-made things anymore...I was touched :)
I received her box a few days ago, after a night of debauchery out in town. I came home hungover....thought I was going to pass out from alcohol poisoning (grow up, I know, I know...).
My day got so much better after I opened the box....PACKED with goodies...and love! These hair flowers are like nothing I've seen before....girl went out of her way to make me FIVE of them! How sweet is she? Mahalo, Neeyuh chan!

画像 009
画像 029

Neeyuh sent me snacks too...the pixie sticks and trail mix were gone in a few hours.....

Check out the goods!

画像 018
Queen Helene Apricot Moisturizing Facial Masque
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminiating Daily Scrub
Last Call Hair Masque
CO Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine
Victoria's Secret Liplicious gloss in Fresh Mulberry
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
ICING nail polish
Clean and Clear Faicial Cleansing Wipes (not shown)

画像 008
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

画像 030
ICING nail polishes
From L to R: Lucky 7, Cosmo Cutie, Purple PJ's and 7th Inning Stretch

画像 015
Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque...smells like Cherry Coke...yummmm!

Thank you Neeyuh-chan! I hope you'll love everything I sent too :)


Hi peepers! I have ONE question...


All help appreciated! I have two posts in the making but my images keep uploading sideways. I don't want ya'll to have to turn your head to view my damn posts!!!!!


Mucho luv,


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to Bloggin'

OooooWeeeeeOooooWeeeeeeOooooooo!!!! I paid for my tickets today...I will be actin' an ASS in Cali and Texas in May! Wahoooo! My friend is gonna take me around, he has some fun stuff planned....of COURSE I'm meeting up with cutie pie excited to meet hurrrrr.

I bouught a HP Mini 1000 yesterday. So's alright. I can't edit pictures or open too many browsers at once....the CPU is Intel Atom, which I've read is by far less crapulous then it's predeccessor, Via C7-M....but it still needs a few tweaks here and there. There are only two USB ports....good enough for most. Sucky part? There's only one shared audio jack...So I would have to switch between headphones and mic...HP should have kept the mic and headphone jacks separate...dunno what they were thinking.

So what do I like so far? I do like the's ALMOST the size of a regular keyboard. Have you tried to type on the smaller netbooks? Like the one Sony makes? The keys are like f*cking tic-tacs...I'm not kidding. You'd need your baby cousin to type for you on them things. The touchpad is pretty cool, it's wide enough where you're not feeling crammed. The right and left click buttons are on the sides, which makes it very simple to use...basically I can use BOTH my thumbs effectively.

I can't wait to take this thing with me on my travels next month! Battery life is 2 to 3 hours at most. Ah well......hey...It's not a friggin laptop, ya know? I'm keeping my expectations veeerrryy modest...for now.

This is the one I got....
(all images taken from

...for about $480 USD. The candy-apple red Vivienne Tam one was HAAAWTTNESS but it was about $550 so being the cheapskate that I am, I opted for the uggo black swirly design. I dunno, maybe I should have gotten it.....eeeeps!Siiiiiigh...I dunno about you ladies and gents, but my gadgets don't need to drip in designer...I am NOT that's cool if YOU are though......which is why someone reading this post is gonna run out today and buy this beautiful toy and blog all about it and make me wanna deco-art my plain thing with plastic strawberries and rhinestones.....*snorts*

Anyway, I shall be back with a REVIEW soon.....on my true-blue choices of tinted moisturizers and foundation.