Friday, February 29, 2008

Gold and Bronze Eyes...Picture-heavy!

I'm home alone on a Friday I decided to do another photo tutorial while bumpin' to Jordin Sparks and Pastor Troy, LOL.

*~*Gold and Bronze*~*

Pics of products and brushes I used:

Romp e/s (Bottom Row, 2nd from Right)

Carbon e/s (Top Row, 2nd from Right)

Milani e/s in Golden Bronze and Classic Beige

CoverGirl LipSlicks in Demure and M.A.C LipGlass in Mad Cap

Various brushes from M.A.C and some random drugstore brand

- M.A.C Lightful Moisture Cream
- M.A.C StudioFix in NC30
- Bonne Bell Blend 'n Glow in Natural Blush

- M.A.C Paint Pot in Painterly
- M.A.C e/s in Romp
- M.A.C e/s in Carbon
- Milani e/s in Golden Bronze
- Milani e/s in Classic Beige
- Revlon ColorStay Liquid liner in Black
- No-name brand pencil liner in black
- Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara in Black

- Milani Blush in Bronze Beauties

- CoverGirl Lipslicks in Demure
- M.A.C LipGlass in Mad Cap

Step One:
Apply Painterly Paint Pot all over lid

Step Two:
Apply Romp e/s from lash line, and extend past crease. Then extend slightly above contour.

Step Three:
Apply Golden Bronze e/s from middle of lid to outer corner. Only extend slightly past still want the lighter brown color (Romp) to show above crease.
Step Four:
With Carbon e/s OUTLINE two-thirds of crease, as well as the lower outer V.

Step Five:
Repeat Step Three and Four to make colors pop!
So far it should look like this...

Step Six:
Blend contour with a tapered blending brush. Also blend that line on the side.
After blending...

Step Seven:
Highlight under brow with Classic Beige e/s. Classic Beige is a great imitation of M.A.C's e/s in Ricepaper, but more shimmery :)
Step Eight:
Line eyes with black liquid liner. Line waterline with pencil liner.

Step Nine:
Apply Lightful Moisture Cream to face and apply foundation of choice.

Step Ten:
Apply bronze blush along cheekbones. Then apply lighter gold color to apples in sweeping motions toward ears.
Step Eleven:
With the white shimmer powder, highlight forehead, bridge of nose and the 'C' section (area under eyes, temples and above brows).

Step Twelve:
Apply Demure Lipslick and top off with Mad Cap LipGlass. Demure is a pinkish mauve...a great base for a true beige color like Mad Cap, so you don't end up looking like the undead!

Step Thirteen:
Fill in brows with brow pencil.

I applied mascara last. I think the eyes turned out pretty good considering I wasn't wearing my contacts..I am so blind!


Himajin...(bored, can't sleep!)

I've been awake for over 24 hours now, but I can't sleep...this sucks! My boyfriend is snoring loudly behind me on the couch...lucky guy!

Here are some random products that I use often...None of this stuff is expensive, all drugstore finds.

Fiberwig Mascara
This mascara is amazing! It's smudge/water-proof and keeps my pin-straight lashes curled ALL day. Unlike other mascaras this one really stays on. The fibers in the mascara really make my lashes look a lot longer than they really are. No wonder it's sold in the U.S. now...I read somewhere that it's $22.00's 15oo yen here, which would be about $12.00...hmmm. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's hard to take off. I really need to rub my eyes with makeup cleansing oil and warm water to get it all off. I guess the fibers act as glue.

Mentholatum Brand Acne Medication
I'm allergic to most acne medication, but this stuff doesn't irritate my skin. It has Vitamin E and B6 and apparently that makes this stuff soothing...I dunno, but it works.

Rosy Rosa Makeup Sponges
As you can see, a bag of 30 wedge sponges is 399 yen. They're soft and great for powder and liquid foundation. I think I have OCD, I try to be as hygienic as possible whenever I can. So you'll never catch me using the sponge that comes with a compact...Plus, these blend better than the round, flat ones.

Allergy/Cold masks

These come in handy when you're can cough and sneeze all you want, but you keep all the bacteria to yourself, LOL. Also great for people who have bad allergies like also keeps pollen's made to filter out pollen and dust. I like this brand because they make masks for women...they're smaller, and PINK! If I'm gonna wear an ugly mask, might as well wear it in my favorite color, right?

Cotton swabs for touch-ups
I got this at the 100 yen store (like a dollar store, but better!) They come in perforated packs. I take these to work so I can fix my scary raccoon eyes. Haha.

I got these at the 100 yen store as well. I don't have a problem using cheap ones...Comes with adhesive glue too!

Press-on nails

I don't actually wear these too often, but when I'm crunched for time and need to look put-together, these come to the rescue. I hate doing my own nails...these look real too.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blue and Green Eyes

Ohisashiburi! I Went to the M.A.C Pro store after I got off work this morning, and bought three new eyeshadow refills:
Shimmer Moss (green w/turquoise shimmer), Freshwater (bright shimmery sky blue) and Black Tied (black with silver glitter). I wanted to upgrade my collection, and I was missing bright blues and greens. I also wandered around Harajuku and went to the ANAP outlet. I walked out with another hooded jacket (I LOVE jackets!) and a mini-dress. I need to stop shopping after night shifts!

So here's the look I created with my purchases:

From L to R: Shimmer Moss, Freshwater, Black Tied

- M.A.C StudioFix Powder in NC30

- M.A.C Paint Pot in Painterly
- M.A.C e/s in Shimmer Moss
- M.A.C e/s in Freshwater
- M.A.C e/s in Black Tied
- M.A.C pigment in Vanilla
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black
- Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara in Black

- Jordana Blush in Stardust

- Too Faced Juicy Jewels Lip Gloss duo in Vanilla Ice

Step One:

Apply Paint Pot in Painterly all over lid.

Step Two:
Apply Shimmer Moss from lash line and extend above crease.

Step Three:
Apply Freshwater to outer corner, and outer V. Define outer V as well, in same color.

Step Four:
Apply Black Tied to outer V, blending towards the middle of lid. Lightly contour shape of eye.

It should look like this so far...
Step Five:
Apply Vanilla pigment with a wide brush to highlight. Blend into contour.

Step Six:
Blend with a tapered blending brush between each color, so they all blend from one color to another seamlessly. Also soften harsh lines.
It should look like this now...Feel free to pack on more color and blend some more!

Step Seven:
Line with liquid eyeliner. Curl eyelashes and apply two coats of volumizing mascara. Your lashes need to be as strong as the eyeshadow color so that everything looks balanced.

Step Eight:
Apply blush and lip gloss. I used Jordana Blush in Stardust, a shimmery peach-orange, and matching lip gloss from Too Faced.

My new jacket...A great steal for 3900 yen...gotta love end-of-the-season deals!
The Too Faced lip gloss duo I used:
Brushes used for this look:

I ordered a ton of stuff from
This is only a third of the haul...I ordered a lot of Milani and Jordana eyeshadows, lipstick and lip glosses.

Hope everyone has a grrreat weekend!