Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting my hair did tomorrow!

So my hairstylist at TNB (Triple Napalm Bomb) finally has a less-busy schedule tomorrow so I'm getting a much-needed dye job and maybe a haircut too. I got a haircut last week at this cute salon near my house, but the stylists at TNB know my hair better, and they are the BOMB! Japanese hairstylists don't really know how to highlight hair, but the guy who owns TNB knows his sh*t! He works quickly, and my highlights always turn out pretty...not brassy/yellow at all. I think I'm gonna change my hair color completely though...I'm gettin' sick of highlights...they really wreck your hair, and after 3 months, no matter how well you take care of your hair, the bleached parts will always turn slightly yellow and straw-like...(well, that's if you have black hair like moi). Soooooo I was thinking of going for a rich chocolate brown all over....keep it simple...I can always go light again during the summer :)

The salon is located in Shibuya...near the infamous intersection where they filmed the introduction of Lost In Translation. I need to NOT spend money while I'm down there...God help me...Actually I don't need too much help, I'm running low on spending funds. I might pick up a few cheap-o eyeshadows since they have bigger drugstores downtown. We'll see.

Here's my virgin hair..taken May or June of '07...didn't really care since BF was deployed, no one to look cute for, LOL.

Here's what my hair looked like in December when I didn't have massive roots...sorry these photos suck, I don't think I have better ones where you can see my hair.


Lani said...

seems like everyone is gettin their hair did. maybe i need something new too. i've never gotten highlights, don't know how they would work out for me. ;)

missjaclynrose said...

wow, your hair is super long! it looks good both black and the lighter color too.

Yuri said...

I love your new hair!