Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hello, stranger!

It's blazing hot outside today.
I woke up at 4 p.m.  My mom was stir-frying sliced eggplant, and warned me, "It's a sauna outside.  No breeze."  F**K!!!
The past few days have been a huge blur.  I wake up, go to work either in the morning or at night.  If there isn't enough caffeine pumping through my icy veins I don't mesh very well with my colleagues.
So I drink a Red Bull and two soy lattes during each shift.  I am such a caffeine addict.  I am an insomniac.  I am a vampire.  I am also such a mean bitch at work.
Recently (damnit, last night), this guy I like and am kind of involved with told me that though it doesn't really bother him, I should probably tone down the attitude or the bitchiness.  He slurred, 'You gotta remember that when you with me or around my friends, you can't act the way you do at work.'
Thanks asshole.  I KNOW. 
I wish he didn't lie to me and tell me my attitude doesn't bother him.
Well, maybe it genuinely doesn't bother him.  I don't know how to feel about that one.  It's a mixture of embarassment and annoyance at the fact that his friend had to point out to him that I kind of act like I'm above everyone else.  Like I care.  But damnit, I kind of do.
It's just my nature to f**k with people.  I like to joke around and talk shit.  Thats why I have a lot of guy friends.
HEY, I don't necessarily think or act like I am better than the rest of the planet.  But I didn't get this far by letting old farts walk all over me like a freakin' doormat.  I guess it's not an everyday thing where Japanese women speak their mind freely.  I don't put people down or tell them they're useless.  I'm not an asshole.  But I will push people to be able to think for themselves.  I don't nag them if they make mistakes.  I point their mistake out and explain WHY it's wrong.  Then I discuss (meaning I let them throw ideas in the pot) ways to avoid the same mistake or improve certain skill(s) that need improvement.
WHEW!  I needed to get that out. 
I got wasted at home last night.  I had a drink or two after work and old colleague.  While we were catching up we spotted another guy from work so we joined them.  There were a bunch of people from my office drinking at the same izakaya.  Cool.  So we talked shit, drank, smoke, forgot about the office for a few hours.
I went home feeling like crap after having the depressing aforementioned conversation with the boy.  I cracked open a few beer cans and scribbled nonsense on my sketchpad.  I usually don't drink at home but the mood served the purpose.  God, I'm glad my mom gives me lots of privacy at the house.
We're moving in 11 days!  To Meguro!  For you non- city slickers, that's two stops from Shibuya.  That puts me 19 minutes away from Tokyo station (my office).  I can't wait.  We're moving from a huge two-story house with 25 years worth of furniture and crap to a three-bedroom apartment.  The apartment itself is old...built in 1970.  But the inside is nice!  Decent!  All wood flooring with an industrial-style kitchen.  My room has these light pastel sea green shelves on three of the four walls.  I'll post pics after I move in.  I'll have space to store my heels, my makeup, my books, photos and god knows what else!  Any ideas? 
I'm looking forward to being able to stay out late downtown and WALK home.  Shoot, I could cab it home too, but I like walking aimlessly when I'm drunk, harhar.
Thank YOU for reading.