Friday, March 28, 2008

New Makeup Bag

The makeup bag I had been using until recently was looking boro-boro. So I got a new one on my way home from work a few days ago. It's made from terry-cloth material but has plastic piping on the edges, making it sturdy. Lovin' it!

Here's the old one...I actually bought this at the 100 yen store for 300 yen (they sell stuff there that's more than 100 yen, LOL). See how the velcro closure is falling off, and the bag itself is all scratched up? I used the zippered pocket on the outside to store my good! It always squished the brushes into a funky shape.

Here's my new one...I think it's cute.

It's roomy, and has a separate section for brushes!

So what does everyone else's makeup bag look like?


Nic Nic said...

I'm using a Paperchase one, it suppose to be a pencil case but i use it as makeup bag and carry it everywhere xD

OHHH i checked out 100yen shop, i bought a mini makeup bag from there before.. i stopped using it cos i carry more makeup that before lol!

christy. said...

That's super cute! I have a lot because I always get them dirty lol. Mostly it's those makeup sample bags you get when you purchase like 40 dollars or more.

missjaclynrose said...

that's a cute makeup bag. i usually don't carry one with me, i don't know why. I rarely travel so whatever makeup bags or brush holders i have usually don't ever get used.

Chiara said...

OOh cute! I love how there's detailing for holding brushes :D I hate it when my brushes get jostled around with the rest of my makeup

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

the old one looks pretty for just 100 yen! i miss the 100 yen stores in japan...
i store my makeup in a traincase, but i use two L'occitane bags to carry my makeup whenever i go to my bf's place :)


omg! i love it?
how much would be to send one of these babies to texas??
**totally serious i want one!**