Friday, March 7, 2008

Drugstore and CCO Haul

I am not spending any more money this month on M.A.C! I already spent over 30,000 yen ($300) on M.A.C makeup alone, not to mention more on my boyfriend's birthday presents (it was his birthday this week, and I got him the 1TB Apple Time Capsule, and other random knick-knacks). Soooo to satisfy my cravings I went to the local drugstore two days in a row and bought some inexpensive goodies :)
The Goodies...

To be honest I don't like Japanese drugstore makeup as much as I love stuff from the U.S. I think the colors are too light/pastel/boring/ seems like all the companies (Kate, Canmake, Fasio, Cezanne, Integrate, Maybelline Japan, etc.) follow very generic trends and only manufacture colors that coincide with the latest Japanese fashion trends...and it's no secret that Japanese youngsters find acceptance if and only when they follow their peers and imitate what the media has labeled 'Kawaii' or 'Sekushii' (cute and sexy). For example, all of the above mentioned companies have produced similar new eyeshadow palettes for their Spring line in limited color variations, including Purples/Grays and Olive Green/Shimmery Sea Green. Snoooore. What's a girl to do if she wants bright yellow eyeshadow...or matte pink lipstick? She must shop at M.A.C or other high-end foreign brands...

BUUUUT lately a company called Majolica Majorca (wierd name, I know) has come out with kooky colors to satisfy my bright-color cravings. I've bought a few items from this brand before, and so far I've liked everything I tried. Their packaging is cute...Writing in gold letters, gold- colored embellishments, vintage-inspired eyeshadow/powder compacts. The single eyeshadows are cheap for 500 yen ($4.85). Color payoff is good, but the consistency is that of like any cheap eyeshadow, they're a little TOO velvety and powdery, and don't last all day unlike grittier shadows. But what the heck, if I can get pretty colors for a fraction of the price of M.A.C or NARS, I'm sold...until my next paycheck, that is ;)

Majolica Majorca Hot pink e/s w/pink shimmer

I also like the brand
Cezanne Sweets. The shadows are pigmented well, and they too, have a good variety of colors and a price tag to boot! Not toooooo flour-y consistency-wise. I stocked up on pinks/purples/golds from this brand.

I love DHC. Not a drugstore brand, but you can find it at a cosmetics section in crappy malls/department stores. It was first a skincare brand, but they came out with hip makeup a few years ago. I bought an eyeshadow in a shimmery olive. Pretty! I'm tempted to buy the rest of the colors because they're on sale online for 357 yen each!

Integrate Pencil Eyes...a cute shimmery pink eyshadow stick.

Biore Cleansing Cottons...these makeup wipes are infused with makeup remover oil, so removing mascara is a cinch. Lovin' the pink and purple case.

Also part of my haul...the
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. NINE bright, shimmery colors. 'Nuff said.

I'm coming up with different looks for future tutorials and FOTD's...right now I'm just swatching colors and trying out color combos. Can't wait to try 'em all!!!


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Can't wait to see what looks you come up with! :D

Lani said...

i swear everyone has been raving about that UD deluxe shadow box. i must get my hands on it! lol ;)

Aya said...

lani chan: The box is def. worth every yen I spent! I have similar colors from M.A.C but I think UD shadows are more pigmented...and the color doesn't streak or fade for me after a long day at work. Not only does it include six bright colors (blues/purples), but also has
three neutrals (bronze, pink and chocolate brown).