Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve FOTN

How's everyone's New Year's Eve going? I'm chillaxin' at home with my mother. We're drinking beer and watching Japanese owarai (comedy)...Ten minutes to go until 2009!

I wanted to share a very special FOTN with everyone...

Let me introduce my cute youngest sister! I did her makeup before she left for a party at her friend's downtown. Her tunic was a satin, eggplant number so I did a gold and purple look for her eyes. Hope you like!

Olay Oil-Free Moisturizer
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Christian Dior Hydraction Tinted Moisturizer in 02
M.A.C Studio Perfect Powder Foundation

Ulta Eye shadow base
M.A.C e/s in Naked Lunch (from lash line to brow bone)
M.A.C e/s in All That Glitters (all over lid and crease)
Milani e/s in Golden Bronze (from lash line to crease)
M.A.C e/s in Goldmine (on inner third)
NYX e/s in Eggplant (on lash line and outer third)
M.A.C Fluidline in Black
Katie B. Faux Lash Mascara

M.A.C blush in Well Dressed

Smith's Rosebud Salve


Hi beautifuls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didja didja miss me? I know I missed you guys!
I haven't really been able to update because I don't have my own camera with me....I STILL have to move my crap to my mom's and the camera hasn't made it here yet...actually I hate the one I have. It's an Olympus. I might just buy myself a new Sony digicam, since I'm used to using Sony and it takes better closeup photos in my opinion. Well a new camera will be out of the question until I save a substansial amount of money...I haven't decided where I want to go to school yet, but I'm still looking into schools in Ontario, Canada, New Brunswick, California, Arizona and Alabama. I'm scared I won't find a job if I go to school in the U.S. I would most definitely NEED to work (definitely will have to be under-the-table type of deal) to pay rent every month. I really want to live in California again. I'm thinking San Bernardino is cheaper than living in L.A. and if I want to go cheaper, I could go to school in Bakersfield...I don't hear too many good things about Bakersfield...what do you guys think? Do any of you guys live there? Please let me know what you think. I know I want to study journalism and I also know that most Cal State schools offer it as a major. Also a perk of graduating from a school in the U.S.; I can stay for ONE year and intern/work in a field related to my degree. If the company likes me and wants to hire me full-time and IF they're a big enough company, they can sponsor a working visa. That's my ultimate goal. To live and work in the U.S. on my own terms and money. Hopefully I'll be there in under ten years!

Anyway, moving on to makeup. I said I wouldn't buy anymore unecessary makeup anymore, but knowing myself, it was an impossible feat to accomplish. I ended up giving my money away to Smashbox, NARS, MAC, Dior, and lots of other places...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! >__<
Revlon's liquid foundie is good, but Smashbox is AMAZING!!! It feels really light, and one push covers the entire face. I don't even have to wear concealer! It's filled with good-for-you vitamins too. Today I paired it with the Dior Hydraction tinted moisturizer (for undereye circles and redness) and my skin actually looked healthy!

Here are several craptastic pics I took with my iPhone. As soon as I get my hands on my camera (or a new one), I will do reviews and FOTD's again. So for now, this'll have to do....Also, a lovely friend sent me some MAC pigments as a gift with the Dior tinted moisturizer and Iconic mascara I asked her to pick up for me...I can't wait to try all the colors!!!

For my LOTN, I used the Smasbox liquid foundation and Dior Hydraction TM (under the eyes and on red spots). For the eyes I used Ulta's eyeshadow primer first, which is the shiiieett! I used Wet n Wild's Wink eyeshadow (a soft shimmery rose) on the lids and smoked it out with a sparkly black shadow from NARS. I can't remember the name now, so when I do I'll edit this post...LOL. Then I finished the look with Laura Mercier's Lip Glace in's a shimmery cafe au lait color.

I dunno if you can see my braces, but they're there! I'm still kind of self-conscious about them, but my teeth are definitely shifting already :)

I hope everyone's having a nice time off work and school. I have to work on the 1st of January...also the 2nd AND 3rd! I'm a little peeved, but oh well, c'est la vie, right? Love you guys, and please let me know how you're all doing!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm back...sorta!

Hi friends....I am back for now! I'd like to thank each and every one of you who read my last post and left comments. It's nice to know people read my personal ramblings and give a damn! I am very touched to say the least! All of you help me get through my 'mean red' days...(read Breakfast at Tiffany's!)

I am still considering University of Prince Edward Island as an option...but also found that St. Thomas Univerisity in Fredericton, New Brunswick is affordable too. I would love to attend Concordia or U. Windsor as well. I'm also reading up on U.S. schools. So far Oklahoma University, U. Arizona, Cal State Bakersfield and Cal State Fresno are on my list. I am in love with the U. Arizona campus! From the pictures on their website the campus looks BEAUTIFUL!

And thank you to all who recommended the McLean's guide. A coworker of mine went back to Calgary for a week or so and picked me up their annual review.

Many of you shared opinions, that pursuing a journalism degree is not a requisite to work in the field. I absoloutely agree. I have heard this from many a professor in my past. I did take journalism during the last two years of high school, and wrote for my High School newspaper, the Hanabi. I was also published once in an English magazine in Japan. The reason why I want to study journalism or take a course or two is because I also want to learn the technical aspects of the field, i.e. compiling layouts and editing photographs. I did do some layout editing back in the day but my skills are antiquated...I can't believe it's almost been TEN years since I graduated HS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where has all my time gone?

Anyway here's my new 'workstation'. I clear up this mess every freakin' day since the desk I'm using doesn't belong to me. I am STILL moving my crap from my bf's to my Momma's.

Dontcha just love craptastic iPhone pics??? LOL. Many thanks to Ms. Kimberly Tia for sending me a lovely care package, including the Medicated Ly-Na cream (green and gold jar).
Can you spot Buzz Lightyear?????

'Till next time lovies!!! Have a wonderful Friday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Non-makeup related post: I Want YOUR Help!

So yes, there has been a valid reason why I've been away for a bit. I don't want to air my dirty laundry online, so if you must know what's been going on, just ask me personally. Let's just say there are days when I don't feel like leaving my (sister's) room, let alone get dressed and enjoy the day. Work keeps me motivated and keeps my mind off a lot of things. I am in the process of moving my things back to my Mom's...

ANYWAY, I have decided to go back to school in the fall of 2010. It seems like a while away, but I need to pick the right school within my budget! I actually attended Sophia University here in Tokyo, but deferred, then quit in 2003. What a waste! IF I'm lucky they'll let me transfer my credits to whatever school I decide to apply to...but from what I've heard from my old classmates it's hard to do so.

Soooooo I'm looking into schools in Canada. Canadian schools offer reasonable tuition for International students compared to schools in the U.S. I want to go to a good 4-year University, not some small college in Nebraska....not that there's anything wrong with small schools in Nebraska, but you catch my drift. I don't have idle time anymore, nor do I have the financial means to be lazy. I need to get a very good education without having to worry about transfering to different schools to graduate.

So far schools in the Maritime meet my budget...especially the University of Prince Edward Island. I know you're thinking, 'WTF is a Tokyo girl going do on a small island near the North Pole?' I've actually visited Canada a lot (I have extended family in Ontario), and have also visited Prince Edward Island. I was five or so, and I remember getting attacked by a swarm of black flies at the garden near the Anne of Green Gables house. The school has Journalism as a major....YES YES YESSSSSS!!!

Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes open though. I know there are other great schools all across Canada. Those of you who attend or have attended Canadian schools, PLEASE recommend a good Canadian University guidebook. The only ones I have are dated back to 1998-1999 (my high school years). I know a lot of kids do their University research online now, but my old-fashioned self wants a thick book/guide, so I have all the general information in ONE place. Also, if any of you have general opinions/advice/recommedations of any kind in regards to schools in Canada, or going back to school, I'm ALL EARS!!!

I'm UBER excited about going back to school...but this means no more binge-shopping, no more buying useless makeup, no more absentminded spending for Aya!!! It's alright though, I have enough makeup to last me several worries though, as soon as I get my head+heart right, I will be back with the FOTD's and reviews!

I thank everyone in advance for reading this long, non-makeup related post. Toodlie-Doo!

Re: Edit
I will reply to comments when I get home...but you guys are right...I'm not sure if I can handle being in a teeeny town for FOUR years, no matter how awesome and pretty it is. I'm a big-city gal with love of culture and tons of experience pulsating through my vains...Man I would LOOOOOVE to live in Quebec!