Saturday, April 26, 2008

Canmake Four Shiny Eyes EOTD

Canmake, a popular inexpensive Japanese drugstore brand, came out with three new glitter-infused palettes for Summer. I'm serious when I say glitter-infused. Now I'm not a huge fan of chunky glitter, but I was surprised by how nice they look when applied. The colors are pretty pigmented for a Japanese drugstore brand. The only thing I didn't like about these was the fact that I had to use tape to get the silver glitter off my face...I mean, who wants to walk around with glitter in their eyebrows and nose? Each palette is 680 yen. I bought all three!

I used the pink/burgundy palette called 'Strawberry Milk' for the EOTD. I used all four colors. I took the photos from the Canmake website because I didn't think my photo-taking skills would do the pretty colors any justice.

From Top to Bottom: 'Strawberry Milk', 'Choco-mint' and 'Milk Chocolate'

A How-To Diagram

I didn't follow the diagram, but here's the look I created...and no, I don't take myself too seriously, hence the scary fish-faces.

My Method:
  1. Applied 'A', the lightest color (shimmery white) to the inner corners.
  2. Applied 'C', the glittery color (bubblegum pink) from middle of lid to outer corner. Bring up to the contour area.
  3. Applied 'D', the darkest color (shimmery burgundy) on outer V and contour.
  4. Applied 'B', the mid tone color (shimmery pale pink) under brow as highlight.
  5. Applied 'D' and 'C' on lower lash line.


ilurvemakeup said...

Those palettes look so cute, reminds me of the sasa ones :) Awww why the sad face? :O *tickle*

jie-jie said...

You look so cute making those faces! What lippie are you using btw? I kinda like that, as well as the palette.

christy. said...

Omggg I want those palettes T____T You did a great job!

imee said...

nice look! those palettes are adorable!

Aya said...

Lurve: Those aren't my sad faces...they're my scary tropical fish faces. OoooOOOooo and I am uber-ticklish.... (>.<)

Jie-Jie: Thank you, I'm glad someone likes my normal face. I used NYX lip gloss in 'French Kiss'. It's just a bubblegum pink with a little shimmer. I love it because even after it slides off, it leaves a cute pink tint.

Christy: I think these palettes would look great on you chica!

Imee: Yes, they are adorable...but very glittery...must find a way to get around that...hmmm...anything you recommend to prevent crazy fallout?

Nic Nic said...

very pretty eotd!! im gonna have to stock up when im there LOL. after I'm done with all the Japanese drugstore makeup you've review im gonna have a very fat long list hahah!

jie-jie said...

I'm officially making a wishlist, and hopefully I won't lose it this time. Thank goodness it's a local brand!

Chiara said...

LOl Aya-chan I like your faces :D

I want sparkless. *snatch*

Gee said...

Those look so cute and so do you!!

Man, I'd love to do a CP with you one day :D

(g)ezebel said...

the packaging is so cute!! love the FOTDs. :0)

cherry said...

excuse me... i wish to know if canmake 4 shiny eyes are long lasting? i read some reviews and they say that it will only last for 1~2hrs after application...

by the way, i think your make-up skills are good.. =D