Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weekend haul

I hung out with my middle sister last Saturday. I hadn't seen her in months!!! I need to start hanging out with her more...she's going to school in Toronto for a year from August. So we met up at the Zara in Omotesando, stopped by the M.A.C Pro store where we both picked up some stuff and walked to Shibuya. We had lots of fun catching up and goofing off. We ate dinner with one of her friends at a Hawaiian restaurant. It was more Japanese-y than Hawaiian though. The restaurant itself was cute but the food was NASTY.

We also went to the Uniqlo UT Store. It's not a regular Uniqlo store. They only sell T-shirts and select denim. The store is really cool! The floors are covered in manga, and all the T-shirts are sold in plastic containers with red screw-top lids. I will take pics of the T-shirt I bought later. What's even cooler is that all the T-shirts are 1500 yen (about $13). All the T-shirts are designed by upcoming AND famous designers alike.

So onto my M.A.C Haul...I bought eye shadow refills in Humid (green) and Parfait Amour (purple). I think everyone has these colors so I didn't swatch them. I also bought a lipstick in Lovelorn. It's a blue-pink. I wanted a mod, cool-tone pink to match my Spring looks. I think I'm beginning to like pink a lot more. I used to only wear nude or peach lip colors.

The Uniqlo UT store. See all the screens on the wall? And the manga-printed floor? And my cheesin' dorko sister?

Here's a look I've been rockin' at work lately. It's subtle, but still likey! Plus it's really easy. I use M.A.C e/s in Cork (a midtone matte brown) from the outer corner of my eye and bring it into my contour.

With flash:

Can't wait to try out new looks this Spring!


Nic Nic said...

that lip colour is very pretty on you! really like your neutral look too. i'm just wondering if those pro colours are expensive over there??

Nic Nic said...

Oh, thanks for letting me know!! still reasonable for pro... there is only one MAC shop is omotesando right? Cos i think I went there just once back in Dec, even better that it's pro! I still got space to put those pro shadows in my MAC palette :D ill def go there if i manage to get a job in japan LOL!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

My coworker gave me a shirt from Uniqlo, it was in a plastic container. Supposedly it's the next big thing and they're coming to the US.

Anonymous said...

The New York Uniqlo looks like that...but no shirts in containers.