Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NYX and Japanese drugstore goodies Haul...

What's good ladies?

I am a binge shopper. There, I've said it...when I get it in my head that I NEED a few more different shades of cream and brown, I'll end up buying twice as many things than I had planned to...

I didn't NEED the THREE pairs of goddamn' shoes I bought Tuesday, and I definitely didn't need to buy any more makeup this month. What's with me lately?

With that said, I definitely had a good time walking around Tokyo after I got off work Tuesday morning. It's my way of 'decompressing' as my BF calls it. He tinkers with his bike or car, I walk around town, looking at makeup and shoes ;)

Here's makeup I've bought recently:

Fasio Hyper Stay Mascara, Shock Free Curl Volume
(I'll be reviewing this product soon)

Baby Pink Milky Base and Jelly Base...b/c Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel 'aint cuttin' it! The jelly is great for spring/summer and milky one for drier weather. They have a sheer, yellow-ish tint, covers imperfections and gives your skin a great, smooth a baby's bum! LOL. It's kind of like UDPP, but for your entire face.

Top: Jelly Base, Bottom: Milky Base

Here's the look I created with my new NYX shadows and lip gloss. I will take pictures of my NYX haul later and post....'till then, enjoy!

Everything I used for this look...brushes, NYX Jumbo Pencil in 'Cottage Cheese', NYX single e/s in 'Vanilla Sky', 'Salmon' and 'Volcano'.
  • 'Cottage Cheese' Jumbo Eye Pencil as base.
  • 'Vanilla Sky' e/s on inner corner.
  • 'Salmon' e/s from middle of eyelid, to outer corner. Bring up as high as you like!
  • 'Volcano' e/s on outer V and contour. Smoke it out with tapered blending brush!
  • I used NYX lip gloss in 'French Kiss' (not shown).

Got these earrings for free when I bought my shoes...they look cheap, but I likey!
I hope all of you have more self-control than I do when it comes to makeup shopping...


imee said...

nice look! about the jelly base, is that good for oily skin?

Fabu-less Beauty said...

How do you like the vanilla single eyeshadow?

ilurvemakeup said...

I love the curve on that mascara wand. I totally get what you mean about binge shopping >_<; I've been very good lately actually after getting the BNs lol I'm trying so hard not to binge anymore since I have everything I could really use or need. Hang in there sistah! Plus being in a beauty blogs is not helpful either lol xD

As much as I love the monistat I noticed it can get flaky at times :(

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i didn't know baby pink made a jelly base as well. gotta try those the next time i go to asia.

i used to binge shop a lot too :P but i've been good for 1 month now. hopefully i can make it through another.

jie-jie said...

Lovely look! I regret not getting anything from cherryculture. Those nyx shadows are pretty! I wanna hear more about Fasio. I love kose skincare so far, and I've been lemming this particular mascara.

Chiara said...

Aya-channn I want to visit Japan soo baddd. I can't get any good Japanese makeup here *tear* Plusss, I can see you!! Picture thisss, Aya and Chiara hittin up all the shopping spots yeahh? *sighs* How I dreamm, how i dream. ;___;

I've only heard great things about the Fasio mascara, so I hope it'll be a good buy for you :]

And thank you sooo much for your advice, you must've gone through ALOT during those 10 months... I bet you were worried sick! Ahhh, thanks for sharing your experience with me TT It's very inspiring :]


christy. said...

Prettyyyyy :) I LOVE the earrings too. That baby gell thing sounds promising. If I could only get my hands on them hehe. Maybe I'll try to look for it at an asian store.

yummy411 said...

i likee too.. and all your freckles/moles.. so cute!

i wonder if the face primer will give a whitish tint to darker skintones?

Nic Nic said...

I <3 this look!!! wow.. am I wrong or are you the only lady I've heard whose not liking the monistat! what went wrong??
Ahh i have the Fasio mascara, omg... it does NOT budge! LOL. so hard to take off!!

Aya said...

Imee: Yes, the Jelly base is good for oily skin I think. It's actually sort of drying!

fabu-less beauty: I LOVE Vanilla e/s. It's not too yellow, not too white, a true 'vanilla' shade. And the gold sparkles are pretty, not overbearing.

Lurve: After seeing your BN posts, I've been wanting one...but I heard through the grapevine that they're REALLY bright...hmmm. They looked pretty subtle on you though...

Blu: A whole MONTH without bingeing? Your will power amazes me.

Jie-Jie: Fasio is a great brand, I've always loved their stuff since middle school. Their claim to fame is that their makeup lasts all day. They really do!!!!!!!

Chiara: Giiirrrrl come visit meeeee! Are you visiting Japan this year? If so, hit me up!!! Hope you're feeling slightly better about the whole bf issue ;)

Christy: Yes, the Baby Jell was worth every yen I spent...although it was only 800 yen (-_-;

Yummy411: Thank you *blush*. No one's ever told me they like em...I don't think the base will give darker skin tones a whiter finish. It really does dry clear.

Nic Nic: Yep, I'm boycotting monistat!!! LOL. The mascara really is a trooper. I find that it comes off with Fasio's mascara remover (comes in an orange plastic bottle). It's just a eye makeup remover, but it works!!!

Alice said...

Nice look! I was looking for some NYX products, but in Italy aren't sold(!!!),i know the quality is quite good as M.A.C.
I can't resist when i'm in Sephora or M.A.C. counter, thers's tons of products interesting and the colors of eyeshadows fashinating me...So everytime i go here i have to be zen in order to preserve my bank account.
Take care.


In the name of beauty and brains said...


No I absolutely have no self control when it comes to emptying out my pockets in the name of make up these days!!

I was once such a good girl with such matters, THEN I went to Tokyo and my life changed!

Damn the fact that I am now stuck firmly in London!! grrr