Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 Random Facts

I wasn't tagged, but everyone's been posting random tidbits about themselves recently. Thought I'd share some of mine so we can all get to know each other better!

6. I have two younger sisters (Rei is 19 and Hana is 16). I am the shortest of all three.
Hahahaha! This picture was taken at Rei's HS graduation. I had to wear that ugly button-down shirt to hide my tats...I went straight from my BF's house, and I didn't have anything nicer to wear, LOL.
Hana, Rei, Aya

5. My hair is naturally wavy. But not a nice wavy. No smooth ringlets, ripples, but course, uneven S-shaped waves starting at the crown...ugh. I've been getting the Japanese thermal straightening process done for the last year and a half. Here's what my natural hair looked like on a GOOD day.

Good Hair Day at Rei and Hana's Homecoming Game '05

4. I LOVE tattoos. I love pin-up, evangelical stuff, and anything with detailed WINGS. I have four right now, but getting another one soon. I got the swallow and fairy done by Jacek at Avalon Tattoo in Pacific Beach, San Diego. His work is quick, precise, and just AMAZING.

Don't mind my posin'

3. I was a real Daddy's girl. Always admired him and his work. When I was little, I made him draw portraits of me whenever he picked up his sketchbook. We spent hours together making silly things like shoulder bags from old jeans...he introduced me to the beauty of Henri Matisse paintings. Too bad I didn't inherit any of his artistic genes. At least my sisters inherited his brains! RIP Papa, itsumo mimamottete ne.

The Takada Family (minus Hana), circa 1988

2. Because I spoke mostly English at home, I couldn't speak Japanese fluently until AFTER I graduated high school. I consider 'fluent' as being able to hold a business-level conversation. I learned keigo, honorific terms and phrases, or 'polite' Japanese, at my first retail job when I was 18. My older co-workers made me stand beside the cash register and practice basic Japanese business manners like bowing, returning change, and repeat greetings in that high-pitched voice Japanese women use. Oh, the horror. Now I am grateful because I can speak to Japanese clients at work without feeling flustered.

1. I like Texas Pete hot sauce on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Pizza, Mac 'n Cheese, rice, sandwiches, pasta, etc. It must be Texas Pete though. I don't do Tabasco.

So anyone who hasn't been tagged, please do share your 6 facts!


ilurvemakeup said...

I lurve you!

Nic Nic said...

aww some interesting facts about you!! I find japanese difficult to learn, i only know basics haha.. i think learning on and off is not such a good idea LOL. you have some nice tatts, especially the one at your back!

christy. said...

Omg you're so badass I love it!! :D The tattoo on your back is nutssss. :)

Aya said...

Lurve: No, I lurve you. LOL

Nic Nic: Japanese IS difficult. It's so roundabout...we never say things directly. Sometimes I hate it! But please keep studying it!

Christy: Thanks sweetie! I'm not badass though, just an ink junkie! hehe.

imee said...

cool deal, i love tattoos too! i really don't understand why some people look down on tattoos. maybe they're just weird and we're too dope LOL.

imee said...

LOL, u know my friends wonder why only 2 shots of NyQuil can tranquilize me, too! LOL, it could be because i don't take NyQuil every other day, so i'm not immune to it. but then again, i wouldnt want to do that anyway hehe =) but yea, don't get worked up over what kids say. who knows, they're probably gonna end up with ink on their bodies too! and that'll be a big ole "ha! in yo' face!" to their parents that didn't teach them manners =)

missjaclynrose said...

aya, girl, I love your tats!!! I have a reallllly small one on my right shoulder blade. my best friend wants to get another one (she got her first one without me) and I sooo want to add on to the one I already have. Not too sure on what I want to get done though.

and you're lucky you have sisters, I grew up with brothers, which sucked of course.

yummy411 said...

aya! thanks sooo much for sharing! your tats are uber cool! i love the one on your back! soo beautiful! i have 3 sisters. every girl needs a sis ;) interesting fact about you and the japanese language. you should make a japanese culture post 101 and include some beauty for those of us overseas... that uh don't really have a clue. i've been to osaka, but one week isn't enough to even know the basics!

Aya said...

Miss J.Rose: Thank you! So what does this reaallly small tattoo look like? I don't like the small ones I have...they're not that great, but I guess I can always get it covered with more, like you said! I wish I had a brother! Growing up around two girls with evolving hormones was nuts at times!

Yummy411: Arigato-! That sounds like a great idea...I'm gonna start my research...this should be interesting, thank you for the tip :) Oh, and I am embarrassed to admit that I've NEVER been to Osaka...I need to travel!