Saturday, November 1, 2008

Revisiting M.A.C Eyeshadows...

I did a purple look today only using purples and pinks from M.A.C...I haven't used my M.A.C shadows in quite some time! I'm in too much of a rush when I have to work in the mornings to whip out the 15-pan palettes and mix and match colors. When I'm rushing, I always reach for my neutral palettes.

The pictures don't do the beautiful colors justice! I blended a light lavender on the lids (Beautiful Iris) with a salmon pink just on the crease (Expensive Pink) and a darker blue-ish purple (Parfait Amour) on the outer corners.

Here are the results. Hope you like!
Colors used:
* Beautiful Iris on lids(2nd row, 2nd from left)
* Parfait Amour on outer corners (2nd row, 2nd from right)
* Expensive Pink on crease (right)
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. It's a long weekend here in Japan, but I have to go to work tomorrow...BIG boo!


Askmewhats said...

yes, My colleagues works for Japan market so they are off til Monday! LUcky you and the rest of the guys in japan :D

Enjoy the holidays and I love the purple look and the way you line your eyes! :)

Bittenbefore said...

u got a gorgeous mac collection!
ah you gotta work? that sucks big time! hope they are paying you big time or at least giving the time off in return!!


p.s you make me want to shop too! damm kate palettes! i keep eyeing them hahahaha

ainstein said...

u've got some awesome bleding skills! do u use the mac 217 brush? i love the look!

i wanna move to japan so badly!!! hopefully one day I will be able to =)

Aya said...

Nikki: Thank you dahlin'! Unfortunately I'm stuck at work (it's SUNDAY!) but it's not too hectic :)

Yumeko: Noooo, my company doesn't pay me extra unless it's after a certain hour of the I'm so looking forward to your T-Zone Control review...what other Orbis products do you like?

Ainstein: Thank you girl! Yes, I use the MAC 217, but I also use cheaper versions from Sally's and Coastal Scents....sometimes I just blend with the clean side of the same eyeshadow brush I use to apply everything...Thanks for stopping by :)

heartofpearl♥ said...

oo hello! im quite ecstatic to discover a fellow japanese blogger :D i love your make up~

Aya said...

heartofpearl: Arigatoooo! My auntie and cousins live in Melbourne! Would love to visit NOW!

Neeyuh said...

Soo pretty! I love purple looks. Your palette is so colorful, mine is mostly neutrals.