Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spicy Colors FOTD

Hi guys! So I had to do my makeup in a public bathroom at the train station today. I didn't feel like wearing a full face of makeup to my dentist appointment. So after I had TWO teeth yanked out (I'm getting braces AGAIN!), I bought myself some makeup and retreated to the bathroom...thank goodness it was pretty clean.

So here's the look I came up with, with my new drugstore goodies. I touched up the eyes and cheeks after I got home because I felt gross....I am STILL spitting out blood...TMI?

Fixin' Them Teeth! (I actually had braces about ten years ago...)
Today's FOTD...I love the colors!
With Flash:
My mini-haul and what I used, L to R: Canmake Cheek & Highlight Palette (504 yen=$5.27) and Cezanne eyeshadow palette (598 yen=$6.25)
I hope you guys don't think I'm weird I did my makeup in the station bathroom...LOL.
C'mon, I had errands to run afterwards. It SUCKED though, I should have went straight home. My upper jaw was numb for a few hours but it started waking up while I was out and about. I started tearing up while walking around because it felt so awful. Lesson learned...from now on, after I get teeth pulled, I will go home and SLEEP!

Re: Edit
Thanks to Yumeko-san, who pointed out that the Yen to U.S. Dollar rate has changed...quite drastically! I can actually buy more dollars with my Yen!
Today 1 USD=95.6 Japanese Yen
I SHOULD but don't really pay attention to the exchange rate or stock prices anymore...I need to pay attention to ALL current events, not just the headliners, huh >.<
Soooo with that said, I changed the conversions of the makeup prices...No biggie, just wanted to thank Yumeko for tuning me in :o)


yummy411 said...

i love it!

Bittenbefore said...

Ah yes u need to rest!
getting braces again? i used to have them too but i gave up pretty soon XD

and 100yen is more than 1USD lately heehee

Aya said...

Yummy: Hiiii! Thank you! I'm practicin'!

Yumeko: CRAP, I need to pay more attention to finance...I only read the headlining news...ohazukashiiiiiii waaaaaa.

Lemme re-calculate that ish!

How are you lately?

fuzkittie said...

Very pretty! How do you like the Canmake blush?

Oh that's not weird... I do my makeup in airport bathrooms every Monday! xD

Chiara said...

Aww, the day after I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I went out with the boys to eat super spicy hot wings at our favorite buffalo wing joint. Bad. Idea.

Oh noo. America's dollar is sucking now...

Oh yeah, are you getting normal braces?
I'm going to have to get braces again too, but I'm thinking about invisalign.

kawaiikao said...

your first pic is so cute hahaha

Tammy M said...

hey, do what you have to do! Although, after getting two teeth pulled, I would have to go home to bed!!!

paperdollrevenge said...

Aww I feel for you, definitely a trip to the dentist calls for much-needed rest at home!

I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out...not looking forward to it, but we do what we have to do. :)

I love those colors on you! I wish for a local Japanese drugstore here, hehe.

I don't think that's weird you did your makeup in the public bathroom at the train station...I used to have to commute on the train for an hour at 6 a.m., so I used to do my makeup on the train ride!

Kimberly Tia said...

Whaaaaaaaat... no doing your makeup at your delicious vanity table!??!?

got a few more goodies to toss in your swap box and it's off to Japan it goes come Monday morninggggggg ^_^

and your canmake is gorgeous, i can't wait till they arrive here at our us stores, so i can give them a try!!!

talk to you soon pretty lady!

MiuMiu said...

oooooohhh..the cezanne colours are so pretty! its very nice for a more natural look. your EOTD looks great! hahaha you'd be surprised how many girls in seoul spend 5-10 mins infront of the mirror, before they wash their hands from doing their business *cringe*
the canmake is so cheap! it's double the price in seoul, which totally stinks, i was looking forward to nabbing a few items.! i hate going there...i had braces too and i had to get 2 teeth taken poor "vampire teeth"
i hope your wound heals soon =D

Neeyuh said...

Aww poor Aya. I used to have braces too and I think I might have to get them again.sux. There's no way I could have gone out after getting teeth pulled, it would have been off to bed for mee! lol.

I don't think your weird, I've done my makeup in places other than home. Veryy pretty look too!! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi aya! I'm a new reader and i've watched some of your youtube vids as well, please review more about japanese products!

I don't think you're weird for doing makeup in the station bathroom lol, when i had to go for surgery to extract all four of my wisdom teeth i had horrible green bruises around my jaw, chin and even neck area!
Makes me wonder what the doctors were doing when i was asleep =p but i had to use a LOT of concealer to cover up the bruising, after my checkup i noticed that the coverage wasn't enough and i had to apply more foundation in the hospital toilet >< the nurse was staring at me!