Friday, October 31, 2008

I've been tagged!

Shout-outs to lovelies Ms. Yumeko and Neeyuh-chan! Thank you for tagging it is!

Here are the Rules:
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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1. I have music schizophrenia. I listen to all playlists range from Basement Jaxx, Sneaker Pimps, Tristan Prettyman, Taking Back Sunday, The Offspring, Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Jay-Z, Common, 9th Wonder and Little Brother...Hey I like new artists too, like Kid Sister and Shontelle.

2. I am naturally stick-thin. It may seem like a privilege to some, but I am very self-conscious of my scrawny body; I hate showing my arms so I always cover them up in public. I am trying to gain weight...protein shakes and salmon steaks, baby.

3. I used to be an avid swimmer...I also played tennis and field hockey. I was quite the athlete back in High School and college!

4. My friend taught me how to beat-box freshman year of college. We must've looked like idiots practicing in the court yard at school...But hey, for chicks we were actually pretty good.

5. I went to the same high school as Hikaru Utada, we were in the same graduating class. Shit, we even rode the train and walked to school together 'till she became famous. If you know who she is, great. If not, don't put too much thought into it.

6. I have two younger sisters that are cute as buttons...but we did NOT get along growing up. I was such a mean bitch.....I'm glad we all get along now!

I'm not tagging anyone...because I'm too lazy, and my eyeballs are about to hit the floor. Plus, everyone and their momma's been tagged anyway....
Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!


Marlene said...

OMG you knew hikaru utada? you're absolutely awesome.

ive been a silent reader for so longgg.

were you born in Japan? and moved there to work?

Bittenbefore said...

i didnt get along much with my sister cos my attitude was crap too XD but now its better

Neeyuh said...

I'm so glad you did the tag! Great facts, it's nice to get to know more about you! =)