Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Popteen Gyaru Inspired FOTD

I got the December issue of Popteen the other day on my way to work...I've been buying magazines left and right recently! Popteen is actually a good magazine. It's geared towards the high school crowd, but they always have great tutorials and the clothes they feature are always wearable, not over-the-top sexy or anything...

I'm definitely NOT a gyaru, never have been. I do admire some of the styles though. Lately there are a lot of gyaru's who either keep their hair dark or dye it black or dark brown...so I took cues from several models in this issue and recreated their styles for a look that's subtle, but cute :)

Popteen December '08 issue
My inspiration...pale skin, BIG eyes! Japanese girls call this the 'dolly' look...
I love this girl's hair! I'm trying to grow mine out...it's taking forrreevverrrrr!!!
Her before and after...all I have to say is...WOAH!!! She used a NARS duo eyeshadow and lots of MAC eyeliner...and falsies of course :)
My take on the high school gyaru look...LOL
Lined my eyes with dark brown shadow, then lined them with dark black pencil and liquid liner. Made the lines thicker on outer half of the bottom lashline...
What I used
- I first prepped my eyes with Esprique Liquid Shadow in BE 300 (not shown). This stuff is great as an eyeshadow base!!! My eyeshadow did NOT crease at all!
- Then I used M.A.C:
* Shroom (top row, left) all over lids
* Soba (middle row, left) from lash line to crease
* Tempting (bottom row, right) to line my upper and lower lash line.
- I then line the top and bottom lash line with M.A.C Technakhol in Graphblack, and went over the lines with KATE Super Sharp Liner in black. I made the lines extra thick on the outer half of the bottom lash lines.
- I swept M.A.C blush in Well Dressed on the apples of my cheeks and highlighted the area above my cheeks with a NARS highlighter (I don't know the name, sorry).
- I'm wearing M.A.C lipstick in Peachstock with M.A.C Lip Glass in Pastel Emotion on top.
- I'm not wearing falsies b/c I don't find them very comfortable, plus I was only going out to the grocery store, LOL. I am wearing my fave Max Factor mascara though :)


alienman said...

As always, I'm super-jealous of your gorgeous long lashes. I love this look on you. It's great for everyday and it adds just a bit of intensity to your eyes.

Bittenbefore said...

ooh love this post
i am in love with the gyaru look

i dont think i am an akuma gyaru though...maybe ageha at most XD!!!

Kimberly Tia said...

awwww your gyaru look to perfect!! those big lashes and eyes of yours, goodness!!


you remind of a Japanese gf of mine, i swear you two could be sisters!!!! have a great week girl!

Jaclyn Rose said...

love this look on you. so fresh and innocent looking!

心。葵 said...

aya! you look fresh and nice!

i read popteen too! i love it very much! though i'm always backdated 1 or 2 issues, becuz malaysia don't bring the latest issue fast enuff! :(


Chiara said...

Look at your neutral collection! I'm jealous! I own a few copies of popteen too, lol I've been really into the nail style magazines lately too.

Neeyuh said...

Aya this look is soooo pretty on you! I thought for sure you were wearing falsies, totally jealous of your lashes now! lol.

It's ok I'm just glad my skin cleared up fast after I used those packs. Can't wait to hear how they worked for you! And...thank you! I feel much better now!!

Bittenbefore said...

ah thanks for the tip about 7-11 let me know what you think of them!!!

i got the counter stuff last weekend already ZANNEN!!!!!

yeay for iphones!!!

and isnt it freaking cold in tokyo right now? my damm cough and cold just wont go away

jeSmakeup said...

whoa howd u get ur lashes to look like that!?

Tina Marie Online said...

You did a great job on your take on this look. Very pretty! And I agree, your eyelashes are so long! I'm definitely jealous right now =\

kawaiikao said...

aya!! how have you been?! i miss our emails. haha i love my bf for putting up with me :p

Bittenbefore said...

ohayo! hope you are good this sunday weekend! man its cold here in tokyo right?? yesterday i had to wear my winter jacket!! what am i going to do in winter

all i do now is read @cosme since damm work blocked blogger sites

i could read it on my phone..demo chotto mendoksai....

Sara said...

Hi! I am a gaijin living in Fukuoka and was wondering where you can buy Urban Decay in Japan? I tried Iwataya but didn't see it...

Thanks :D

alienman said...

yay for drugstore brands :D

i have a ton of browns right now but next time u hear me asking about browns, pls remind me to check out that maybelling palette u talked about

and what's that laura mercier tube? is that foundation stick??

Aya said...

Tina Marie: Thank you, that means a lot coming from someone with a lot of talent! I seriously love all of your FOTD's! I used to live in SD tooooo.

Amandaaaaa: Hey hun! I miss your e-mails too girl! I'll write you in a minute, chotto matteeee.

Sara: Hmmm...that's a difficult one. I know where it's sold in Tokyo, but I know that's not really gonna help you...they do ship to APO addresses, if you're military/dependent. What are you looking for? We can work something out if you have no way of getting your hands on the stuff you need.

Alienman: I figured you have every brown in the color wheel, LOL. Yes, that mysterious tube is Laura Mercier's stick foundation...It's pretty great. I like how it doesn't get cakey and you can build from sheer to full coverage. Plus, unlike liquid foundation, it doesn't settle in fine lines or make your face look gross or dark after wearing it for a whole day/night.

Aielet said...

I love you blog!
I'm a spanish gyaru!
visit my blog please!


*-auxi-* パラパラ said...

Hi !!! Hola ! Hablas español ??

Me encantan las fotos que as puestoo!! *-* !!!


very kawaii!