Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I need a lot more practice...

Here's something different I tried tonight with my 78 Piece Coastal Scents Palette. I was bored and lonely...a common scenario for me so I turned to my colossal makeup collection for comfort ;P

I want to start getting into more artistic makeup, hopefully one day do this on other people.
I need a LOT more practice, but I want to post this so I can keep track of my own improvements....so all criticism is welcome, not just the 'constructive' kind...I'm all ears!!!
Above: M.A.C LipGlass in Naked Space (from the Neo Sci Fi collection)

I used mainly used 3 colors from this Coastal Scents Palette...
I used the YELLOW, 3rd one from the top
...and the CORAL and RED, 3rd and 4th from top
...and finally the matte BLACK, right above the blush.
Hope you guys enjoyed this...now butcher me with your honest opinions!!!!!
P.S. I used Coastal Scents brushes too...I forgot to take pictures, but I mainly used the Medium Chisel Fluff Brush. I don't like using my M.A.C brushes to apply bright colors because I'm afraid it'll stain the bristles...LOL.


Kimberly Tia said...

omg look at all your use of COLORS!!!! and it looks WICKED GOOD on you!!!! geez -- if I ended up attempting that look, i'd be a peacock!

i cant wait for our trades to come thru, im still actually trying to gather up more goodies for you!!! shhhhhh!!!

kawaiikao said...

very artistic!! your eyes look like one of those really peacock feathers!! so pretty!

Bittenbefore said...

nice~ i cant wear that many colors at one time , cos i cant get both eyes looking the same XD!!

i know it was a practice but more crazy falsies with it would be cool, so shu uemura desho?

and...wats up with the bored and lonely girl? HUGSSSSS!!!!

Askmewhats said...

wow..that is creative! :) :) :) Love it

heartofpearl♥ said...


miemiemie said...

seriously, I think it looks pretty :)

mimi said...

i have the same palette!!! love the look! very pretty!!

i love your blog, i hope you don't mind if i link you

Tammy M said...

I love it! Great blending job! I love that palette!

Chiara said...

I like it, Aya-chan, it reminds me of the pearly insides of a seashell, especially against your fair skin :]

Dang, I almost got in to JMraz >< I waited in line at 3pm with a few of my girlfriends to watch. Someone was going to sell me their ticket but backed out last minute so I didn't get in. I heard he was wonderful though.... urgh.

Aya said...

Kimberly: Thank youuuuu! Peacock, huh? It was messy, but fun! I should try a peacock look next time! And I am collecting goodies for you too, this is gonna be one helluva awesome swap!!!

Amanda: Thanks hun! BTW I voted for you and your bf for the Gothic Lolita contest...well on the poll, at least :) I hope you win!!!!!!!
You two are my favorite entry!

Yumeko-san: I wouldn't walk outside looking like that, LOL. Yeah, I should have tried falsies...demo mendokusakatta....I have actually never tried Shu falsies, are they good???? And yeah, I tend to be lonely a lot in this house...grrrr..

Nikki: Why thank you...I'm searching for more ideas :)

heartofpearl: Ufufu~~~dooomoooo~~~
Gomen, nihongo de kakenai noyo...
Tekka your blog is hella cute!

MieMieMie: Hugs! Thank you girl! I am linking you~~~.

Mimi: Thanks for stopping by...Don't I know you from YouTube???? And do you have a sister that looks just like you who also has a blog??? Or am I just crazy? LOL >.<

Tammy: Yes...I see you use it too! I want all the Coastal Scents palettes...but I'm bound and determined to find them for a cheaper price....ebay?

Chiara: Thank you, but I don't think my makeup was as pretty as a seashell....I should try a seashell look someday!

I wish you could've seen Jason Mraz!
I think he's even better live....

yummy411 said...

great look and i agree that falsies would have made this rock even harder! i soooooooo need to use my 88 palette. =p