Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm still alive...

Hi blogger world...

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been going through some things and I just haven't been around my computer long enough to update...I will start posting my hauls/FOTD's again once I am settled.

I still read everyone's blogs and many put a smile on my face even when I'm not feeling my best.

If I could hug each and every one of you who brighten my day, I would!

Here's a quick list of bits and bobs I've hauled in the last week or so...

Winter clothes:

  • Black rider boots from a cute/cheap shoe store in Ikebukuro. They're flat, and sooo comfy! I like pairing it with girly clothes and dresses :)
  • Eggplant-colored strech tunic. Soooo cute paired with leggings! Purple is my new favorite color. My nails are purple, I'm wearing purple today, and I keep buying more purple shirts or dresses.
  • Gray striped camel-hair long cardigan. It's fuzzy and cute but it itches (-__-;)
  • Opaque gray, knit black and diamond-print leggings from Kutsushitaya (the BEST for fashionable socks, stockings and leggings!)


  • Jill Stuart lipgloss in 18 (Opalescent baby pink with teeeny sparkles. Great for those weary of glitter in their gloss)
  • Nude Tiffa lipgloss (<--a Kanebo sub-brand)
  • Shiseido Kesho Wakusui Eye Shadow Trio (sold exclusively at convenience stores)

  • Latest issues of Mina and Jille magazines

I can't think of anything else...but knowing me I've probably forgotten a couple things...hehe. I'll take pics as soon as I have enough time :)

One more ME update....I got my braces done. Just the top for now. I feel ugly. I went through the same pain with braces ten years ago, and here I am again...but this time, on my own expense! I had two teeth pulled already, two more to go. I can't wait 'till my face starts to warp, LOL.

Aaaand lastly, some of you guys have asked me where I got my boot keepers from my previous posts. I got them at a store called Passport.

More boot keepers HERE

Here's a link to their online store:

online gallery of their products...Death by kawaii overdose!

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone's safe and having fun ;)


jeSmakeup said...

its ok... hope all is well =) cant wait for more updates soon... xoxo

Kimberly Tia said...

aya papayaaaaaaaaaaa -- we miss you!!!

and gosh i miss having braces!!! le sigh* and psss your swap goodies are on the way my dear!!! ^_^ from US with LOVE

take care of yourself, you know us girls will ALWAYS BE HERE... *hugs*

paperdollrevenge said...

Aww Aya-chan, your blog puts a smile on my face! And I absolutely love those kawaii boot keepers. Death by kawaii overdose indeed!!

I am wishing for braces myself, beautiful! :)


Bittenbefore said...

ah arigato!! thanks for letting me know about the passport boot keepers, will hunt em down. i got mine there but didnt see yours [wakaranai]

the braces will be worth it. i got them done when i was younger but i gave up halfway. i probably shouldnt have so i admire u for getting them done again

and hehee i have been into plummy purple colors too


alienman said...

I got my braces in when I was around 22. I didn't even want to but my parents made me get them done. However, it didn't keep me from grinning ear to ear :) Believe me, it looks so much better to smile naturally than to laugh or smile while trying to hide them. Strangely enough, I was incredibly popular with guys at the time. It's weird o_O

How long do you expect to have braces?

Oh and thanks for sharing your story with me. I really appreciate it. I would never have guessed that you had all that in your past. You certainly seem to have overcome your trials and you seem to have done EXTREMELY well for yourself. Your mother should be nothing but proud :) I'm so glad to hear that you were able to make amends with your mother after all that. I do hope to reach that place, too, but as you said, it's too soon for me right now. I need more time.

Bah, I'm 28 right now and I have yet to graduate. My campus is chock full of teenagers who are under the delusion that being in college makes them fully grown adults. Older students tend to be WAY older, like in their forties or beyond. They make great company but we have little in common.

Hey, at least we got each other, right? What are you going back to school for?

Nanzy said...

glad you're back! :D