Friday, November 14, 2008

Mall Haul

On a whim I decided to go to Mori Town Mall, which is a few stations away from where I live. It was 5:30 p.m. and I said what the heck, I can walk around and eat dinner there. BAAAAAD idea. I ended up blowing MORE money. I did buy some more goodies for Kimberly for our swap, which was good.

Too much kawaii goodies to resist! The drugstore at the mall had mini-size products...a great way to test out a bunch of products without going broke!

Here's most of the stuff I got (yes, there's more... >.<) Top Row (L to R): Pom Juice Gummies, Trial kit of masks and face products and Canmake Eyelash Curler...I tried this at the store, and it's AWESOME!!! It fits my eye PERFECTLY! It was only 630 yen!
Middle Row (L to R): Sekkisui Oil Blotting sheets (these are really popular now, I read that they're amazing), Acne face bar soap and Freya Deep Clear Powder
Bottom Row (L to R): Q10 Massage Makeup Remover, Face Toner and Kokuryu Face Cream
Close up of the bar smells SOOOOO good.
Close up of Freya Deep Clear Powder. It's a powder face wash. You just add water to it, or add it to your face wash. It's supposed to help clear acne and blackheads. I tried it tonight with my Mentholatum Acnes face wash, and my skin still feels baby-butt smooth!
And last but not least..........The cutest of them all!
They're boot inserts. I got new boots yesterday (will post clothes haul soon), and I needed these!
They're supposed to be apples. They look like monkeys! You can undress them, their little shirts have velcro closures! LOL.
I hope you enjoyed my kawaii haul :)


Kimberly Tia said...

omg.... seeeeeeee....
SEEEEEEEEEEE -- i swear Japan just has theeeee best lil fun things and samples and testers... and .. *DIES*

you had me a pom juice gummies, after that everything is just a blurr of Kimberly in the US drooling.

fuzkittie said...

Kawaiiiii~~~~~~ >.<

paperdollrevenge said...

Oh my gosh, how cuuuuuuuuuuuute, I love the kawaii boot keepers! And they do look like monkeys, hehe, little apple monkeys.

Looks like Tia's going to get a really fun and cute swap from you!

Anonymous said...

I miss Japan.. I'm going back soon!!!!!! I hope....

Bittenbefore said...

those oil blotting papers dont work for me T-T but if it does for u, let me know and i'll give u mine, i only used like 2 sheets from it

my face is too freaking oily

i heard about the powder wash, can u do more review abt it? onegaishimasu! i resisted buying it cos i cant stand having to throw it out every day XD [the container]

and cute bootkeepers! i just got some recently too XD

kawaiikao said...

omgoshhh great haul and the boot monkey looking things are adorable!! super kawaii indeed!

Askmewhats said...

the boot insert looks too cute!!!! And I love all your hauls!!!

Nanzy said...

nice haul !!! *sigh* I miss Japan, I lived there during my college, in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Uni. :D I did enjoy Japanese cute goodies when I was there hehe I bought myself those boots stand, the Monokurobo ones and they're uber cute.

btw I'm イナン & I'm bloghoppin' :D nice site you have here, Aya san.

Aya said...

Kimberly: Doooon't worry I'm supplying you with kawaii-ness :D

Fuzzkittie: You're kawaiiiiii.

Paperdollrevenge: Love that blogger name, girl! I didn't know they're called 'bootkeepers'...
Silly me...hehe.

Bedtimecake: Saraaaaaaaa come visit!!!!!

Yumeko san: I will try out the blotting sheets...これも@cosmeとUpマガジンのくちこみを呼んで買ってしまいました...(-__-;)
Sure I'll review the FREYA powder far, it's super! My skin never feels smooth, but this stuff calms my angry, bumpy, oily skin, hehe. And the plastic is kind of a waste, but they're so small that you'd probably not mind after a while...LOL. If you want I can send you a few so you can try it out yourself.

Amandaaaaa: Hey girly, miss talking to you!

Nikki: Thank you Nikki! I love your NAILS!

Nanzy: Hajimemashite! Thank you for stopping by :) Actually I've read your blog before...I was wondering what school you went to, hehhe. I thought it was Sophia (上智), I went there for a bit. Are you ever gonna visit again????

Nanzy said...

aw you did? hehehe should drop me some luv some time :D I'm gonna link you, k? hehehe I would loooove to visit again, I miss Beppu although it's tiny winy LoL I've been to Tokyo many times :) you know what I miss the most? じゃがりこ チーズ!lol I love that stuff.

jeSmakeup said...

look at all those goodies... i still gotta take myself to that one japanese store..

Sara said...

ooOOoo look at all of the goodies! I have got to come visit you there SOME day *sigh; doubtful tho* :/

:] but lets remain hopeful ;)

Have a wonderful weekend girl!

Xx ♥

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Nice haul! I love those boot inserts the most! Wish they had cute ones like that here....right now I just use rolled up magazines for my boots. So ghetto right? :D

Tammy M said...

OMG, the boot inserts are adorable! said...

Super cute haul!!! You can't never go any cuter than Japanese goodies!!!

Stella Bella said...

Nice shopping! :) Those for the booties are cool!

jie jie said...

lol on monkey/apple booties.. they sure are adorable! i really love that seikisho bar soap. but it's so darn expensive for a bar.