Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Non-makeup related post: I Want YOUR Help!

So yes, there has been a valid reason why I've been away for a bit. I don't want to air my dirty laundry online, so if you must know what's been going on, just ask me personally. Let's just say there are days when I don't feel like leaving my (sister's) room, let alone get dressed and enjoy the day. Work keeps me motivated and keeps my mind off a lot of things. I am in the process of moving my things back to my Mom's...

ANYWAY, I have decided to go back to school in the fall of 2010. It seems like a while away, but I need to pick the right school within my budget! I actually attended Sophia University here in Tokyo, but deferred, then quit in 2003. What a waste! IF I'm lucky they'll let me transfer my credits to whatever school I decide to apply to...but from what I've heard from my old classmates it's hard to do so.

Soooooo I'm looking into schools in Canada. Canadian schools offer reasonable tuition for International students compared to schools in the U.S. I want to go to a good 4-year University, not some small college in Nebraska....not that there's anything wrong with small schools in Nebraska, but you catch my drift. I don't have idle time anymore, nor do I have the financial means to be lazy. I need to get a very good education without having to worry about transfering to different schools to graduate.

So far schools in the Maritime meet my budget...especially the University of Prince Edward Island. I know you're thinking, 'WTF is a Tokyo girl going do on a small island near the North Pole?' I've actually visited Canada a lot (I have extended family in Ontario), and have also visited Prince Edward Island. I was five or so, and I remember getting attacked by a swarm of black flies at the garden near the Anne of Green Gables house. The school has Journalism as a major....YES YES YESSSSSS!!!

Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes open though. I know there are other great schools all across Canada. Those of you who attend or have attended Canadian schools, PLEASE recommend a good Canadian University guidebook. The only ones I have are dated back to 1998-1999 (my high school years). I know a lot of kids do their University research online now, but my old-fashioned self wants a thick book/guide, so I have all the general information in ONE place. Also, if any of you have general opinions/advice/recommedations of any kind in regards to schools in Canada, or going back to school, I'm ALL EARS!!!

I'm UBER excited about going back to school...but this means no more binge-shopping, no more buying useless makeup, no more absentminded spending for Aya!!! It's alright though, I have enough makeup to last me several lifetimes...no worries though, as soon as I get my head+heart right, I will be back with the FOTD's and reviews!

I thank everyone in advance for reading this long, non-makeup related post. Toodlie-Doo!

Re: Edit
I will reply to comments when I get home...but you guys are right...I'm not sure if I can handle being in a teeeny town for FOUR years, no matter how awesome and pretty it is. I'm a big-city gal with love of culture and tons of experience pulsating through my vains...Man I would LOOOOOVE to live in Quebec!


Kimberly Tia said...

aya papayaaaaaaa

i'll ask around and see what I can do for you, i'm going to toronto and montreal in late January 2009, and i have a friend who's currently attending a university in Toronto.

im excited for you about going back to school and journalism too huh??? verrrrrrry exciting. keep your head up, i'll be in touch via email, if I can come up with anything on my end to help you, but i do know there are TONs of canadian gals here on blogger too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aya~
I come and visit your blog as a silent reader, but after reading this post, just thought I'd say good luck!
I attend the University of Toronto, though I kind of regret attending here. It has taken me much longer than the average student to get out of here. So I can't emphasize to students entering now (the highschoolers) how important it is to pick a school that really is complementary to your unique self.
So just wanted to say good luck!
I unfortunately don't know of any handbooks...the ones I got were from the University fairs they hold in Toronto every year, but you might try and emailing certain schools to see whether they could send you one? Cause I do agree, it's better to have the book in hand, than to stare at a screen for hours on end, making comparisons :)

MiuMiu said...

Hey Aya,
Definitely don't go to York University (in Toronto) I've never got ripped off so much XD
I hear that Quebec is good for unis because they have set tuition fees. In Ontario, I believe many universities have been raising their tuition fees. The whole time I was at York, my tuition went up 4%.
Try this site: http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/
Each year they come out with new issues (magazines, I haven't read them online before) I believe in March, outlining all the Canadian universities. Hope that helps!
I dunno how you're motivated to go to school, I get so sick and tired of it and I start to procrastinate XD

Anonymous said...

i think that University of British Columbia would be good. And Simon Fraser university would be a good option too for business.

Bittenbefore said...


its great that you are gong back to school and wow journalism!!

i'll ask around the people at work
a few of them are from canada and attended schools there

Reiko said...

If you would like a english/french enviroment would be University of Mcgill or Concordia

kawaiikao said...

yay for you! and i loved reading the whole collection of anne of green gables...i've always wanted to visit to PEI!! AHH LUCKY!!

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I did my univ research so many years ago and I think I relied mostly on the web and Maclean's Guide(but that offers only one point of view). I pretty much decided on my school mostly because they gave me a small scholarship and they were one of the top schools for my major.

Good luck with the search! If you need someone to ship over any guides for you just let me know :)

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Oh and make sure the place will be right for you in terms of the population size, esp with PEI and Maritimes. Make sure that the environment is a place you can see yourself living there for 4 years :)

jie jie said...

I don't wanna be too nosy, but I hope you'll feel better soon. Sorry i'm not help as i don't know about schools in Canada. But I want to tell you that you're amazing for your determination in getting a journalism degree. I hope you'd find the right school and enjoy college life. Goodluck!

jchiangxoxo said...

yeah like miu said, each year macleans comes out w/ a guide book. u should check out university of windsor. windsor is right across from Detroit. 5min from bridge or tunnel and u get best of both worlds (us and canada)

paperdollrevenge said...

Aya-chan! I think that is a great goal that you're setting for yourself. And wow, journalism ey? Are you interested in broadcast or print journalism?

I wish I could help but I know zilch about Canada, let alone Canadian universities. But I am sure a lot of these other girls can give you plenty of information!

Good luck and I hope you feel better. Making plans to go back to school should definitely be exciting and motivating! =)

tracy said...

Carleton University in Ottawa has the best journalism program

K. E. L. said...

Hi Aya,
I'm a Canadian student currently finishing off my BA at the University of British Columbia. I was considering graduate school in Journalism a year ago and in my research I found that it doesn't really matter where you get your journalism education. It's important, however, that you look into what the journalism programs different universities offer and whether their programs appeal to you/meet your learning objectives/etc. Unfortunately, I can't recommend a guide book for you :S but doing research online and emailing the various journalism faculties would be an idea.

Nanzy said...

aya chan, I can't help much but I'm here to give you some love & support! it sounds really exciting & I really wish you to find the BEST school :D ganbare!

vickiness said...

i agree with blu3 that the macleans guide is a good place to start. i studied business at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. If you need to know anything about UBC feel free to ask :)

M said...

good luck with your search for a canadian uni! I think my cousin went to one, I'll ask :)

jeSmakeup said...

i wish i can help u but im not from there.. i hope u got through it =) good luck with everything!!

p.s: if u cant see my blog please email me so i can invite u jesmakeup@yahoo.com (and leave ur blog link as well) <33333

yummy411 said...

aya! i dropped by to check in on you and i read this. my stomach aches for you. i can only imagine what's going on! i hope all gets better SUPER soon especially with you getting on your way to a university. sorry i know nothing of canadian schools. good luck and keep us posted. (((big hugs)))

Iyah said...

Hello pretty!!! :) U look like one of my friends and her name is AYA also. haha! What a coincidoinky! :)

Anywho, I hope you read my post about the LYNA cream and if you have any input to it, please do tell. The LYNA worked for me and I hate to discontinue using it. :(

I see results right away when I 1st used it.

Iyah said...

Hello pretty!!! :) U look like one of my friends and her name is AYA also. haha! What a coincidoinky! :)

Anywho, I hope you read my post about the LYNA cream and if you have any input to it, please do tell. The LYNA worked for me and I hate to discontinue using it. :(

I see results right away when I 1st used it.

Aya said...

Miu Miu: Thank you dear! Please tell me more about York and why you don't recommend it!

Jchiangxoxo: Thank you, my mother said the same thing about Windsor...it's a small town though, right? What are you studying there?

K.E.L: So did you take any journalism courses at UBC? I guess I don't have to major in it, but I'm interested in learning the technical aspects of the field too (editing for various types of media..) Thank you for your thoughts!

Vickiness: All you UBC students!!! I'm so jealous! A bunch of my high school friends went there and they said it was the best 4 years of their lives..

Anonymous said...

McGill in Montreal, Quebec???
lots of great schools in BC too