Friday, October 10, 2008

Old FOTD and Summer Cherry Culture Haul

I did this look back in late August I was after my birthday, I know that for sure...I used the L.A. Colors 5 Colors Mettalic EyeShadow Palette in 'Mesmerized'. These palettes are DOPE! Very pigmented and NOT chalky or flour-y one bit! I know you thinking 'Oh she buuullshittin' but take my word, these palettes are worth so much more than...I can't remember exactly how much they were, but I got each for less than $5.00 on Cherry Culture!

So I put my coloring skills from kindergarten to good use and came up with this FOTD. I had no idea green, purple and dark blue look good together!

Oh hai I wasn't ready! Damn I got some krusty dusties!
Can you spot red draws in the back, LOL
And here's my haul from Cherry Culture...I think I only spend 45 or 50 bucks?
The shadows I used for this FOTD is the L.A. Colors palette on the right below the lipgloss.
I finally got the NYX Round Lipstick in 'Circe'...yeay!
Amuse Brush On Shadows in 'Brown', 'Bronze' and 'White'
Swatches from L to R: NYX Blush in 'Spice', Amuse Chocolate Gloss in 'Berry Brown' and Amuse Brush On Shadows in 'White', 'Bronze' and 'Brown'
I haven't gotten around to using the Brush On Shadows yet...that's what happens when you have too much junk lying around the house! And when I say junk I mean makeup....I actually don't even know where those are...crap!

Hope you enjoyed this post...thanks to all of you who still read my blog :)


miemiemie said...

oh i have an LA colors palette with the bright eyeshadows in it..only 2 were pigmented..the blue and pink only..but the others were too grainy and it looked so sheer even with primer on..but i love this look you did :) lovely eyes :) i swear i love asian eyes more than those with large creases or double lids :) though it would be great if i had bigger eyes too..hehe

Nic Nic said...

nice haul Aya!

your fotd looked pretty!

sorry i got back to you so late. work can be quite hectic >_<

Gee said...

Pretty FOTD!!! :D

I love the LA Colors palette!! They are great for being so inexpensive! I have the bright colored one too ^^

kawaiikao said...

great haul and i have a couple of those LA Colors palettes too! <3

ahbeeedotcom said...

la colors never used them but def. makes me want to go buy some now hehe

Askmewhats said...

lovely FOTD :)
And i'm glad you got yourself some NYX concealer in a jar there! I LOVE Concealer in a JAR :) :)

fuzkittie said...

Aya~~ Those three colors DO look great together! A must try for me. You're looking so cute!

Aya said...

miemiemie: I haven't used the bright one yet...I'll have to try it out though. Thank you for the compliment. Without makeup, I have droopy, sleepy-looking eyes :p

Nic: Hey girlie! Hope your job isn't killing you yet, I know teaching English is TIRING! I did it for a couple years...

Gee: I'm surprised you own those palettes! They're great if you want bright colors...I mean, why pay over 10 bucks for colors you don't wear too often, right?

Kawaiikao: Arigato~. How's school going??

ahbeedotcom: Ive heard they sell L.A. Colors at some dollar stores, so you should check there first :)

askmewhats: I used the jar concealer buuut it's a little too sheer for me. I kinda have bad skin, boooooo! I love your blog by the way!!!

fuzkittie: If you find a HE palette w/similor colors, please let me know :)