Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Honto ni Arigato! (Thank you so much!)

I'd like to thank everyone who read my last post, and everyone who left wonderful, kind comments. It's therapeutic, writing about feelings that I usually keep hidden from the surface.
I did not intend to reach out to all you readers, but I am glad I did. Each and every one of you are strong, inspirational women. I can't thank you enough.

So while I've been feeling bleh the past week, I bought a few new goodies and also received my crappage from I vowed never to order from them because last time, my order took a damn month to arrive. But this time, it took less than two weeks so I'm quite happy. I didn't get anything special from them, just everyday essentials that I just can't get in Japan. I do like Japanese products, but sometimes, I miss American stuff too. Like I can't get deodorant here. Japanese boys and gals wear the spray-on or roll-on kind, because that's all that's available here. It does NOT work. I'll be sitting on the train, and the chunky dude next to me will smell like decaying seafood...SICK!

Here's the look I wore to Shibuya. I used NYX 'Aloha' as the base, 'Mediterranean' from lash line to area above crease, and M.A.C 'Concrete' on outer 'V' and 1/3 of contour. I love has EVERYTHING. I wish I took pictures of people, I think Shibuya-ers have great style. Funky but polished at the same time. Never too loud or obscene.

Then here's me after I came home...wearing my new NARS The Multiple on cheekbones and Chanel lip gloss.
Department store haul (expect the Rimmel mascara):
From Top: M.A.C Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara, NARS The Multiple in Maldives, Chanel lip gloss in Sesame, and a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.
With Flash:
Close-ups and swatches of 'Maldives' and 'Sesame' stuff (I got Secret deodorant too, haha, just didn't take a pic)
Click for larger image


ilurvemakeup said...

It's good to write out your feelings :) Glad you did cuz it helped me try to find the same strength you portrayed in that entry. So thank you.

You look really polished and natural with this look, I really like it :) "decaying seafood" gross.

Chiara said...

I want to go to Shibuya TT The stuff at 109 is hella freaking expensive though! Where do I go to find cheap Japanese gearr?!

yummy411 said...

aya i swear i've commented on the last post twice, but it doesn't show.. either way i want you to know my condolensces go out to you. i wrote more in the comments that didn't make it to your page, but i am glad to know that you are doing better which i think is a sign that your dad is watching over you!

great look per usual...

Tammy said...

Love the look! I am glad you are doing a little better, it is interesting, some days I am great and some days not so great.
I LOVE that Olay complete it the one with SPF and for sensitive skin? I use it everyday!
If you ever need a CP for drugstore items, let me know since i am here in FL.

xppinkx said...

AYaaaaaaaaaaa....saying in a very judo chop way!!!

woman it pains me when i see you spend all that dough to get products like these...and yes i was talking about kewpie...yummy! dont you love the NARS first i thought you had it in copacabana the one i have...i got all have to get that's a beautiful highlighter...makes your face glow and makes it all dewy...the nars multiple you have seems like a

missjaclynrose said...

Aya, hey sweety, it's good to hear you're doing better.

I wanted to let you know that today when I was driving home to pick up my kids from school I was listening to the radio and this song came on "Bye Bye" by Mariah Carey and I immediately thought of you when I listened to the lyrics. You should hear the song if you haven't already. Just thought I'd share with you.

ooh and I see you got the Olay Defense moisturizer. I use that and I like it. Have you tried it before? and what are your thoughts on it?

Aya said...

Lurve: Your'e welcome hun. I like this look, I'm trying to amp up my natural looks too, since I have lots of eye shadow now, LOL.

Chiara: 109 IS expensive huh. I usually shop for clothes online but occasionally shop at Zara or random stores in Harajuku or that area between Harajuku and Shibuya. If you ever visit, I'll show ya.

yummy411: Thank you, your thoughts are with me :) Blogger sometimes sucks.

Tammy: I hope you're feeling okay, you're right, some days are okay, some days are not so much...I feel better, lifted a little, thanks to reaching out to everyone here. Thank you for offering to get me stuff, I might take you up on that offer sometime. If you ever want things from Japan, please e-mail me!

Pink: Yes, it sucks to shell out a lot of dough for products I could probably get cheaper online, but it was after pay day...and I was itching for new, good quality makeup...gave in. Maldives is sorta like a bronzer, but the color looks good anywhere! I was really tempted to buy Copacabana too, but trying to see if I can find a cheaper dupe first...

Ms. JRose: Yes, I like that song (though her new album kinda sucked, whaddya think?) Thank you for thinking of me *tears*. So far I like the Olay moisturizer, I got the combo/oily one. I used to use the one for sensitive skin, which was a tad bit too greasy for my whole face. I love my new one so far, makes my skin feel so smooth!

L said...

yes indeedy weedy, great haul miss. there you go, spendin' that "gwap" again! ;) we can't stay away can we? man, i gotta try some NARS... i wanna see what all the fuss is about. :) i think ima try that "orgasm" one cuz you know... orgasm. lol

and don't those listerine strips, no more tangles, gold bond and fructis look familiar? ;) good sh*t! i actually bought some more of the strips cuz i was runnin' low. my fav whitening stuff!


MakeupWithLakahna said...

nice haul girl!

fuzkittie said...

I love this look~ you look so soft and feminine - two thumbs up! Nice nice haul - I want Chanel lip gloss!

xppinkx said...


so how do you like the chanel lip gloss? does it dry out your lips a little after the gloss fades away...that is what happened with my chanel lip gloss...i had to return it...what is a AWESOME lippie are the dior ones...i thank fuzkittie for that...try those out at the store and tell me what you think...

Lani said...

great haul! sorry i've been MIA. i haven't fixed my internet issues yet. :( how are you liking the NARS multiple?

xppinkx said...

Dude so you do shop at american appareal sweet!!!!!

american apparel is having 20% off purchases...i just bought a whole bunch of deep neck V's for 48 bucks!!!...check nitro's site out

code is SHOP08E...ends the 31st!!!!

Go for the Deep V-necks!!!!!...

fuzkittie said...

Aya~~ I'm so glad you got some Dior lippies! They're the bomb! I highly suggest the Ultra Gloss Reflect one in 347 - it's such a beautiful coral!!! Ultra Gloss Reflect ones are sooooo shiny it's crazy~

Gee said...

You totally got me lemming that NARS multiple...!!! AHHH...$37?!?!? T_T I want one though

Beauty Addict said...

Hi Aya, first time commenting here. Love your blog! Great makeup videos u've got here.

Anyway, I really like the fotd :) Looks really polished and sophiscated! I love the way u line your eyes! It has a subtle "hook" in the end. I've been trying that for ages but never get it right. May I know what liner do u use?

Thanks and take care! :)


Nic Nic said...

awesome haul! I have a NARS multiple in south beach.. i havent really used it.. i think it's past it shelf life.. actually scared of using it but i feel so guilty binning it so it just sits there! =_=

i love that neutral look on you! It's very pretty, your massive NYX got me lemming so much! haha. my sister has a frd whose studying in NY that is going back to Hong Kong and my sister is going there in 2 weeks time to see her..ive asked her friend to pick me up NYX makeup for me before she goes to HK! I'm gonna give her a mega long list LOL.

I'm Glad u feel better.. hopefully we'll hang out when I'm in Japan!

Aya said...

L: You should shop at
They have good deals on some stuff, you'll be able to get stuff that you need to stock up on that they might not have at the exchange.

Pinky: The Chanel glossimer doesn't dry out my lips. It's not tacky either...I LOVE it. I want all the colors...must start hookin' to support my 'needs'. lol

Fuzkittie: Thank you. I think you'd like Chanel lip glossimers, if you haven't already tried them.

Gee: Get one get one! I shelled out nearly 50 bucks for it. I hate shopping in Japan sometimes...
All the colors are so so useable.
Wet 'n Wild makes this similar twist-up blush stick, which I also like. I mean, the quality is obviously inferior, but the colors are pretty, and blend well.

Beauty Addict: Thank you for stopping by! In this FOTD, I used MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. I switch between cream/gel liners, and my KATE Super Sharp Liquid Eyeliner. I show it in one of my videos, and it's also featured on my friend L's page.

Nic Nic: If you don't mind waiting a bit to receive your stuff, cherry culture has NYX makeup at the cheapest price...I actually compared the prices of about five other websites that sold NYX eye shadows and lippies. Thank goodness they ship here...I want all their eye shadows...BTW, when are you getting here?

Emilee @ GMM said...

You got the Multiple! I see it everytime I go to Sephora, but I just can't quite bring myself to fork over the $ for it. :\ How do you like it? Does it work well on oily skin?