Thursday, May 8, 2008

Everyday Minerals Haul Pt. 2

My Everyday Minerals haul came in yesterday...I think I'm covered for foundation and concealer for a good three years! I love the inexpensive prices and all the different formulas. I like my foundation to be very matte, but there are some days where I want a little dewiness or glow. I have 'Light Medium' foundation in three formulas; matte, semi matte and intensive. So for this haul I got 'Light Olive', a more yellow foundation in my favorite matte finish. And of course I got a full-sized concealer in 'Multi-Tasking'. It covers red and blue-based imperfections...acne, acne scars, veins and under eye circles. If you have light to medium beige or ochre skin tones like myself, this concealer will work for you. Oh, everything I got other than the samples, I chose from the Full-Size Personal Custom Kit. The kit is $32 and you get to choose one item from six categories. Yes, I love deals!

So here's my haul...enjoy!
Face stuff
Top: Finishing Powder in 'Natural Reflection Light', Concealer in 'Multi-Tasking' Bottom: Matte Foundation in 'Light Olive'

Close up:

Top from L to R: Foundation in 'Light Olive' (intensive), 'Light Medium' (matte) and 'Light Tan' (matte)
Bottom from L to R: Blush in 'Veranda' and Concealer in 'Mint'

Other Stuff
Pressed Olive Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss in Cherry Fizz

Flat Top Brush (tan wooden handle), shown with Coastal Scents Buffer Brush for comparison of size...and quality.

Left: EDM Flat Top Brush Right: Coastal Scents brush aka 'football-head'...I only washed this brush ONCE, and it 'fro-d out like!

I also hung out with Miss Lady L yesterday. Helped her move in and buy house stuff...Here is her goofy ass driving a truck to haul all her goods home...hehehehe.

Re: Edit
Worry not ladies, Lady L was NOT driving when I took this pic, she was just posing (harhar)...she was actually rushing to get off the phone with her hubby so she could get her 'MAN on'. She will make a great bus driver someday (ROFL). This woman acts fast...she gets sh*t done in no time!


L said...

noooo you didn't post that pic... and why the hell do i look like such a chunky beast in that shirt?! you'da think after all that effing walking for the past 3 weeks i woulda lost suh'in?! lol nah... i just have and will always have a ROUND face = fat.

yes yes, it was fun. we have such a good time don't we? good times! <3 can't wait to see ya on Sat-Sun. Be sure to bring me them samples! YAY!

PS. you better cook for me woman! MAMA's day on SUNDAY!

kayebee said...

OMG! Jealous!!!! You got to hang out with Lady L?!?! MAN.

I love EM, it rocks.

ilurvemakeup said...

I got that same exact kit awhile back, gotta love EM's deals :)

Ok, WTF is L driving and on the phone! Giiirrrrlll I frown on those types of drivers!!! :/ Seriously. :P I think it's great two bloggers are becoming good friends :)

P.S. Don't cook for her, MAKE HER COOK! Mothers cook on EVERY HOLIDAY HAHAHAHA

ilurvemakeup said...

OMFG! I just noticed she's not wearing her seat belt!!! BAD INFLUENCE!!! RETAKE THAT TEST!!! hahaha!!!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Makes me want to re-visit EDM again...hehe. I'm been using them for awhile, but then I'm currently trying other mineral companies right now. I can't wait for her new site to launch, because they have new foundation colors that might be a better match for me.

Nic Nic said...

Ahhh love the haul! i love the intensive formula too!

ahh you and Lady L look like you're having fun ;)

Noooo i just ordered that CS buffer brush -_-" Oh dear.. maybe should have bought from EDM?! grr.. nvmd.. it was very cheap still!!

imee said...

how do like the edm flat top brush? i'm considering purchasing it cuz the coastal scents one just isn't cuttin' it for me.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

i so want to order from EM but i really don't need anymore foundation or blushes from them...I just want to get the mint concealer but don't want to pay shipping just for that. Have you tried it yet, and how do you like it?

L said...

you better tell LURVE that I wasn't driving yet!!!! LOL

damn, my nails hurt :(