Monday, May 5, 2008

Everyday Minerals Haul

WOW...this post is long overdue. I ordered a butt load of stuff from Everyday Minerals back in March. I love their foundation. I'm a 'Light Medium'. It's in the beige family. I like combining it with a little bit of Light Olive as well, since it adds more yellow=natural skin color.

I placed another order a few days ago. This time I got a full sized foundation in Light Olive as well as a full sized Multitasking concealer...lemme tell you, this concealer does miracles. It ERASES the little red 'stains' I have on my cheeks from product damage and acne scarring (eewww). It ALSO hides dark undereye circles. It's just amazing!

I also ordered three lip glosses: Natural, Siesta and Spring Pink Here's everything I ordered:

Top: Intensive Light concealer, Waffle Cone Blush
Bottom: Foundation in Light Medium intensive and Light Medium semi matte

Top: Blushes in Email Me (my fave!), Corner Office and Text Message

Bottom: Sunlight concealer and Light Medium foundation (matte)

Top: Foundations in Golden Fair (intensive), Light Olive (semi matte), Winged Butter (semi matte)
Theme Park blush and Multitasking concealer

I'm not sure if I needed a full sized concealer...the smaller jar would have sufficed. I mean, I won't be using it like my foundation, I only need a little bit every time. Oh well. Maybe I can share it with another mineral makeup lover.

I haven't worn any other foundation other than Everyday Minerals since I tried their samples a few months ago. It's great for my sensitive, red skin. I wish they made liquid foundation too, for those days where I want extra coverage...maybe someday...



Nic Nic said...

I love EDM! nice haul!!! I absolutely love the waffle, im gonna have to get the full size one day! LOL. but even the small size you only need a little, i still have plenty of left! :O

ilurvemakeup said...

Yes EM is purrty cool. I have benn testing Silk Naturals the past 2 days now and hmmm I can't tell which one I like yet. The only pain in the ass about SN is the finding my shade and I've wasted so much of the sample kit already. It's pretty effing lame since it costs $5 all together! I like EM's samples better it's the same price but you get SO MUCH MORE!!! SN mixing is such a choir too :/ *sigh*

jie-jie said...

Yay for the EM haul! You have lotsa pron for your readers to indulge huh? I'm impressed with multi-tasking also, however I just found out that Spring concealer is a better color for me. Actually, I've ordered at least 5 samples. I keep on forgetting which one I have and I don't have cos I rotate face products. I can't seem to find the perfect shade with EM, that's why I still can't order the full size. I did order full sizes of silk dust and the concealers. You should've gotten some of their brushes. It's sooooo soft and cheap!

L said...

ooo ooo oooo! bring some tomorrow! let's play with makeup! i'll do heatherette on you and you do minerals on me (since i've never used).

*does a cart wheel*

you know i had an exceptional day today... happier that you're comin' to visit and help me tomorrow!


jie-jie said...

there's a special on edm right now. they're giving 2 blushes and one corrector in mini-sizes!

Emilee @ GMM said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Nice EDM haul you've got there! Waffle Cone is a wonderful blush, and really pretty on. :)

Nic Nic said...

Hi Aya, thank you for your kind comment.. and I'm so glad you were okay from that horrible incident. Thanks for sharing me your story.. it's shocking what society is turning into >_<

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

wowee. nice minerals haul. :)

(g)ezebel said...

i am most definitely the only one on earth who hasn't tried EM. :0/

Gee said...

Nice EMD haul! I've gotten 2 sample pack things and I don't think I've found my color yet!! GRRR..