Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hi beautifuls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didja didja miss me? I know I missed you guys!
I haven't really been able to update because I don't have my own camera with me....I STILL have to move my crap to my mom's and the camera hasn't made it here yet...actually I hate the one I have. It's an Olympus. I might just buy myself a new Sony digicam, since I'm used to using Sony and it takes better closeup photos in my opinion. Well a new camera will be out of the question until I save a substansial amount of money...I haven't decided where I want to go to school yet, but I'm still looking into schools in Ontario, Canada, New Brunswick, California, Arizona and Alabama. I'm scared I won't find a job if I go to school in the U.S. I would most definitely NEED to work (definitely will have to be under-the-table type of deal) to pay rent every month. I really want to live in California again. I'm thinking San Bernardino is cheaper than living in L.A. and if I want to go cheaper, I could go to school in Bakersfield...I don't hear too many good things about Bakersfield...what do you guys think? Do any of you guys live there? Please let me know what you think. I know I want to study journalism and I also know that most Cal State schools offer it as a major. Also a perk of graduating from a school in the U.S.; I can stay for ONE year and intern/work in a field related to my degree. If the company likes me and wants to hire me full-time and IF they're a big enough company, they can sponsor a working visa. That's my ultimate goal. To live and work in the U.S. on my own terms and money. Hopefully I'll be there in under ten years!

Anyway, moving on to makeup. I said I wouldn't buy anymore unecessary makeup anymore, but knowing myself, it was an impossible feat to accomplish. I ended up giving my money away to Smashbox, NARS, MAC, Dior, and lots of other places...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! >__<
Revlon's liquid foundie is good, but Smashbox is AMAZING!!! It feels really light, and one push covers the entire face. I don't even have to wear concealer! It's filled with good-for-you vitamins too. Today I paired it with the Dior Hydraction tinted moisturizer (for undereye circles and redness) and my skin actually looked healthy!

Here are several craptastic pics I took with my iPhone. As soon as I get my hands on my camera (or a new one), I will do reviews and FOTD's again. So for now, this'll have to do....Also, a lovely friend sent me some MAC pigments as a gift with the Dior tinted moisturizer and Iconic mascara I asked her to pick up for me...I can't wait to try all the colors!!!

For my LOTN, I used the Smasbox liquid foundation and Dior Hydraction TM (under the eyes and on red spots). For the eyes I used Ulta's eyeshadow primer first, which is the shiiieett! I used Wet n Wild's Wink eyeshadow (a soft shimmery rose) on the lids and smoked it out with a sparkly black shadow from NARS. I can't remember the name now, so when I do I'll edit this post...LOL. Then I finished the look with Laura Mercier's Lip Glace in's a shimmery cafe au lait color.

I dunno if you can see my braces, but they're there! I'm still kind of self-conscious about them, but my teeth are definitely shifting already :)

I hope everyone's having a nice time off work and school. I have to work on the 1st of January...also the 2nd AND 3rd! I'm a little peeved, but oh well, c'est la vie, right? Love you guys, and please let me know how you're all doing!


Tammy M said...

I am so glad you are back chica!! I hope everything works out for ya, Bakersfield? IDK, when I lived in CALI, I lived in San Diego, and liked it there.
And yes, the Ulta Shadow base is the shit!!!!
Happy New Year!

Chiara said...

AWww AYA you look good!!!

I just drove through bakersfield twice last week... (bakersfield really is just a town people drive through :/) I don't know if you'll like it much there... Just oil wells and dust... Plus if you're going in to journalism you'd probably want to go where there's more people? I sayyy you come up to Norcal to CSU San Jose and Sacramento and hang with me <3 Anyways, I hope all is well and that you get your camera soon so we can see more Aya!

Have a WONDERFUL New Years, Aya-chan!! I hope by next year you'll be with us in sunny California <3

Kimberly Tia said...

awwww aya papaya chan! did u get a new hair do too? you look fantastic -- and girl use the braces to your advantage, they give your lips "plump n juicy" affect... I need to get me some of that dior hydraction, i keep seeing how great it looks on everybody and its tempting n' taunting at me.

hang in there mama -- 2009 is going to be a better year -- keep smiling and always here for yah, just drop me a line or two to let me know you're alive!!

Caramelmacchiatoplease =) said...

hi hi~ passing through. your hair looks real cute! and yes, bakersfield is pretty uhm... lonely? lol i don't remember much of anything there except for roads? lol yeah to CSU San Jose, got two friends there and they love it.

paperdollrevenge said...

You look beautiful! I love this look and your bangs.

I agree, I don't think you'd want to go to Bakersfield as it's a small place and I doubt there will be much intern/job opportunities for journalism there. I went to CSULB which is closer to L.A. than San Bernardino. I would definitely go for a school either closer to L.A., the Bay Area or SD.

Good luck! I definitely think 2009 will be a better year for you! Happy New Year!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

so glad to see u as usual
have a fabulous new year

good riddance to 2008!!

M.'s Ramblings said...

I agree, if you love the buzz in Tokyo, you might want to live someplace that's more cosmopolitan. Are you only looking into UofA, or are you looking into ASU as well. (I'm biased on Arizona - and I graduated from ASU so I guess I'm super biased. lol)

But good luck to you, on making your decision. Have an awesome New Year!

kawaiikao said...

your look is great! and i have no idea about those schools! go to bakersfield so you're somewhat closer to us so. cal girls!

Pammiedoodle said...

I really enjoy your blog and LOVE the new hairdo!