Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quick Haul Update

Here's a VERY quick update on some of the stuff I've bought recently...I've featured a few of these in my last two videos...If you haven't watched them yet, pleeeeease do! I haven't bothered to crop/stamp/watermark any of these pictures...(wait, I don't watermark in the first place).
But like I said, this is a quickie! Love you guys!

The goods:
1. Urban Decay Ammo Eye Shadow Palette (fellow blogger Diva4Less got it for me...Thank you Tammy!)
2, 3 & 4. From Top to Bottom: (All Japanese drugstore finds)
Sweets Sweets Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, Sweets Sweets Perfect Volumy Mascara in Black, Sweets Sweets Moisture Gloss in MG8.
5. Ardell Fashion Lashes in 120 Demi Black
6. SANA Pore Putty in Clear - The BEST makeup base I've ever used, a great dupe of Smashbox Photofinish get more bang for your buck...or yen in my case.
My liquid/mineral/powder foundation stays put all day in this monstrous Tokyo summer humidity.
I'll do a false eyelashes post soon...I look ridiculous with the Ardell falsies.


Tracy said...

ooh, nice haul! i'm so intrigued by the pore putty. i'm thinking of snagging one from

fuzkittie said...

Sweets Sweets looks sooooo cute! *jealous*

Anonymous said...

NICE HAUL!! i have the pore putty (the one with the red cap) and the urban decay palette! i love both of them to peices! :)

i want to go back to japan! i spend last christmas there! :D

Nic Nic said...

cant wit to go shopping there! im definitely checking Sana out :D

mel said...

1st time reader :)

how much is SANA Pore Putty in Clear and where can u get it?

Neeyuh said...

Great haul! I've been eyeing that palette for so long, I should just give in and buy it! haha. The pore putty sounds interesting I might check that out too. =)

Stephy said...

Nice haul and yay for the UD palette! i actually debated about whether getting this palette or the UD deluxe eye shadow box, but i opted for the deluxe eye shadow at last cuz those colours seem to be more colourful.~
looking forward to ur looks with this palette! :)

xppinkx said...

i have the same sana base

i never really use it ...i always forget too...=(

i find ardell's to be more comfy then korean brand ones

Emilee @ GMM said...

I love the name - Pore Putty!

Tammy M said...

Ooohh, the Pore Putty looks so tempting! I am glad you like the UD palette, cannot wait to see what looks you come up with!!!
I am feeling a lot better, but not 100% yet, I HATE getting sick!

christy. said...

those ardell lashes look incredibly real o_O