Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of Julaaaaai Weekend Pt. 1

I had a great weekend chillen' with my man and friends. On the 4th, instead of pigging out at BBQ's, my boyfriend, our friend and I went up to the mountains to a place called Formuland. The boys went speed-kart racing, and I was their designated photographer/video taker. It was hot as HELL but I had fun watching!

Melting in the heat!
I love men in fast cars, especially THIS GUY!
Round Two
Chuck deuces
Talkin' shit
My BF had to tell me where to put my feet so it didn't look like I was fakin' the funk...
I hope everyone had a great weekend!


christy. said...

omgg i wanna ride one of those :D

yummy411 said...

looks like so much fun! ummm does your bf have a brother in the states?..single? east coast? LOL ahh what a lucky girl ;)