Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Favorite Japanese Drugstore Products

Here's a video of my favorite Japanese drugstore products...everything I talk about is less than 1000 yen!!! (about $10). I say 'um' every two seconds...
It's like tourretes, I can't stop it.
Hope you enjoy!


Nic Nic said...

I cant wait to check out the Sana products!!

Is it me or your Nivea creme huge??! :P lol. I have a tiny tube of it hehe. I'm still trying to work it!

I must have a good look in these ¥100 shops! Take me brush-bargain shopping! xD

Lani said...

oh aya, what i wouldn't do to go to japan and go drugstore haulin with you lol. ;)

Imee said...

omg. u gotta say irodori a few more times! ur are so adorable! btw, i'm gonna hunt that pore putty down now, thanks!

RT said...


Just want to let you know Nivea is a German brand. :D