Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just me ranting...about me.

I’m an inquisitive learner, and am always reading. I scour and devour fashion magazines. I hoard back-issues of Glamour and Allure in my living room. My boyfriend hates this, since it takes up precious space where he could have hidden his dirty gym clothes and empty Cheetos bags, but a girl needs to have handy access to references of new antioxidants at all times, right?

I’ve loved writing and makeup since around the fifth grade when my ‘pretty’ classmates started modeling and would bring to show-and-tell posters of their handiwork for the new Coca-Cola or Friskies ad. So it’s no coincidence I fell in love with fashion and makeup photography as well. I constantly daydream of becoming a beauty writer someday. In eighth grade my classmate read aloud an essay she wrote about me and my acute obsession of the many uses of skin-toned loose powder. I never should have shared my private notes and stolen Clinique lipstick with her! (That was an EXTREMELY embarrassing experience by the way, since my dear mother and teachers all thought of me as a lost cause, and this essay only drove their ill-conceived notions of me even further.)

Many years later, I’m still a beauty junkie, and my cluttered kitchen is my crackhouse. I store all of my M.A.C, Stila, and NARS indulgences on my kitchen table, not to mention my drugstore-makeup binges that I hide in the spare bedroom. According to le boyfriend, I have a ‘rich girl’s makeup collection’…I wish…but I’m getting there! Seriously, someone needs to help me get help. Start by tell me not to buy things I DON’T NEED! Every inch of that poor table is covered with empty eyeshadow boxes and lip-gloss spills. Ha, with all the money I spend on beauty products I could afford to live in a six-mat apartment (one measly room) in Ebisu or Ginza! But obviously that’s not what I want at all.

Although I haven’t made it as a writer yet, I have defied all the rules and broke all molds my family and private schools that I attended tried so vehemently to impose. I set my own standards of normalcy and own a lifestyle where I don’t need to be cramped in a glorified shoebox in a glitzier part of town. I can still feed my M.A.C addiction, AND pay all the bills. Besides, I’ve always loved the ‘burbs anyway. I get to spy on my weird retired neighbors and their promiscuous grown children who bike home at odd hours of the night!

I want to know everything about high and low beauty brands and their products. I want to write about their good products and the awful ones too, the ones that smell halfway between rotten maraschino cherries and Chinese medicine, a.k.a. moldy roots and plants (lots of recent organic, preservative-free makeup smell and taste like this, I swear). I want to help women (and men!) by making their search of products an easier endeavor. Essentially, I want to write things that will assure them that yes, inner beauty always wins, but it’s not shallow or self-righteous to want to look just as hot on the outside as well.

This is why I gave birth to this blog. I hope my product reviews and rants help females of all ages and sizes (I’m only 5'0 by the way) feel excited about all the fun, functional AND funky-smellin’ products out there to make us look and feel great in and out. Enjoy, and feel free to write me any time, I’m always here!

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