Monday, June 8, 2009

Congratulations Hana!!!

My youngest sister Hana graduated high school on June 6th. All three of us Takada sisters graduated from The American School in Japan....reppin' MUSTANGS to the fullest! *slaps self for even attempting to have corny school pride* Unlike her rebellious eldest sister (me), Hana is a very very very gifted girl. She will be attending Colgate University come fall....on a full scholarship!!!

華ちゃん、卒業おめでとう!よくここまで頑張った!中には辛い日もあったけと、楽しい思いでもいっぱいつくったね。I'm going to miss you beyond words when you leave for college....LAAAABBB YOUUUUUU!!!

Pics from my L.A. and San Antonio trip coming soon....but some of them are up on my facebook page, in case any of y'all want a sneak peak.....

Anyway, here are some pics from the grad...vid to come soon.
Enjoy :]
Rei and I waiting for the ceremony to begin
Hana in her cap and gown....*wipes tears*All the kids had glowsticks
I have the same diploma tooooo.
高田一家 The Takada Family
Some people think Rei and I look alike. We're actually not blood sisters. I came home from school one day, and she was sitting at my seat at the dining table eating all my food. She was a hungry baby. My mom and dad felt bad for her so they decided to keep her.

JUST F*CKING KIDDING. Of course she's my (kinda cool) sister. She cracks me up!!! Here we are waiting for my mom and Hana to show up at the Thai restaurant where we had the graduation dinner.


fuzkittie said...

Aw congrats to her!! You both look adorable~

simple dreamer said...

congrats to your i'm just waiting for my time...ahaha

Aya said...

Hey Fuz! Thank you~.

Simple Dreamer: When do you graduate? I'm happy my sis finally made it out of HS.