Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm alive!

Hey errrr'one! I'm still alive and back from my vacay in L.A. and San Antonio a few days ago....back on tha grind...I had over 14,000 e-mails to sort through the first day back...I just love working at a huge corporation....*rolls eyes hard*

Here's a quick pic of my friend and I at a pool hall in San Antonio....dont'cha just love the stars on the walls? How very TEXAS...

I'll be posting pics from my trip soon....I bought a lot of makeup while I was in Cali....let's just say I made a trip to Melody's Makeup place as well as several Sephora's...oooooh the damage it did to my bank account.....J/K.

Mata ne! (Talk soon!)


innerchild said...

Yay, welcome back! Can't wait for the pics of the hauls!

kawaiikao said...

ok i have no idea how many times my comment may post because it's not confirming that i sent! anyways!! if it didnt..congrats on coming back! im glad u enjoyed your stay in the states!! i cant wait to come visit u when i graduate now that i have a plan!! ;D

Yumeko said...

hope ur schedule gets better!
gotta meet up!

梅子 said...

that is wicked texas! hehehe
looking forward to your Cali Pics!!!
take care
jaa mata ne!