Saturday, May 2, 2009


I wanted to do a FOTD post tonight...but I am pooped, so I'll have to do it tomorrow after work. I went to the orthodontist today around noon. My orthodontist is a great guy. He's probably the same age as my Dad...well if he were here anyway. BUUUUTTTT he talks a LOT. And I mean a LOT. Like while he's replacing a wire on my brackets, he'll start talking about schools or his family, and will stop what he's doing to explain something or crack a joke. I don't mind, I usually go after a night shift where I'm dead tired....but if I had to be somewhere.....that wouldn't be cool...LOL.

Soooo I bought a camera today! A Sony Cybershot....I hope it's not a fake.......You can never be too sure these days. The outside part of the camera is a can I feels too light, like it could break easily if I dropped it or threw it at someone. (WHAT? I would never do such a thing.) It's all good though, I only paid 20,000 yen ($200) for it, including a 4G memory stick. I'm going to need it for my trip....which is in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! 12 days to be exact! I am so so so so so so so excited. I went to Cali two years ago, and I haven't been since! There's so much I want to do and see, but I'm only there for a week :/ Val, if you're reading this, I want to go to Disneyland...can we go pleeeeeaaaassseeeee???? Hehehe.

I have to pack when I have time....My work schedule is looking busy until I lunch breaks for me......*banging head on monitor*

Okay I'm sleeeeeeepy and I have to wake up in 5 hours for work. I love you all :)

Chu chuuuu <3


Anonymous said...

oo my uncle has a sony cybershot very nice resolution i liked how his pictures came out.

hope it works well for you!!!

i know what you mean about the pooped thing i have like Coming soon Tutorials that have been there for like .... 1 year hahahaha since i started this blog that i havent accomplished.

kawaiikao said...

omg i can't wait till you get here!! i'm counting down the days too!!!

FuN and MakeUp said...

hi! its been awhile... u look lovely!!!!