Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair Flower FOTD

Here are some pics of my 'ol mug...rockin' the hair flowers Ms. Neeyuh made for me ;)
Thank you again sweetie!

I got my hair permed today. Instead of the regular method where they just saturate your hair in chemicals (I forget what it's called), they saturate your hair, rinse it off with water, then blow hot ionized air at your head for 30's called 'air wave' and it's really popular in Japan because it lasts longer then the regular perm, and the curl doesn't stretch after you blow-dry your hair.

Enough ya go.

hair flowers 008
hair flowers 007
hair flowers 012
hair flowers 016
hair flowers 001

My hair before....taken in January-ish.
hair flowers 009
And after....
hair flowers 014


Tracy said...

The perm looks lovely on you! Kinda of lady and sweet. How long is the process?

Yumeko said...

i like air wave look more!
i think it looks more natural?

i have never permed my hair for a really long time though [8 years?] XD

M said...

your hair looks awesome! i gotta look into this airwave thing

kawaiikao said...

cuteeee! can't wait for you to come here!! ;D

fuzkittie said...

Love the hair, very airy and light!! D:

Neeyuh said...

Aww it's my flowers, they look gorgeous on you! hehe. I love your hair it looks great! :D

gia said...

nice hair! :D it looks fab on you :)

Mac It Pink said...

OMG those are soo cute!!

Oh you're gonna in so cal aye? Well, I dont really do much bar hopping, more clubs..try to head to Club's pretty there! :)


Jess said...

Wished I could have such pretty airy waves too! ;) It flatters your face sooo nicely!