Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey guys and dolls sorry I've been MIA this month. I've been busy with life…making the most of my summer, and what's left of it! Here's what I've been up to:
  • Been going on day AND night bike rides with my boyfriend to Okutama (mountains nearby) on his GSX-R1000. Riding is definitely fun although all I do is sit on the back and hang on for dear life. But when you're going at 100+ km per hour, gravity seriously takes a toll on a small frame like mine. Slowing down to a stop hurts my arms and back!
  • I tried spending quality time with my middle sister before she leaves...she's leaving for Toronto TODAY (Friday)...I saw her on Wednesday last, and I almost cried when I said bye to least she'll only be gone for 9 months!
  • I was recently promoted to duty supervisor of my team (there are a couple supervisors on my team so it's not a huge deal) BUT my workload has multiplied tenfold. I used to finish work at 8:30 p.m., not I stay behind until 9:30 or later to finish up. Night shifts are worse, I've stayed behind until 10:00 a.m!

Aaaanyway, I'm on a semi-no buy this month, and possibly the next...well, that discludes products and clothing/shoes I order online, LOL. But if you guys saw my current makeup collection, you'd all think I was materialistic and self-absorbed! Like who needs ten shades of green? Apparently I thought I did, LOL. I bought a LOT of makeup this year, and every time I'd make a purchase, I'd justify it by telling my conscience 'it's to build my collection…someday I'll put it to good use when I do makeup on others'…NOT going to happen any time soon. I have a full-time job that eats up 200 hours of my life every month…*sobs*

Anyway, enough ranting, let's talk makeup! Here's a compressed list of my FAVORITE beauty products. I'll start by listing face products for this post and continue the list in other posts to come.

L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation. I use (color). It's lightweight, yet covers my rosacea without looking fake or cakey! It's a truly amazing product, I can't believe it's less than $10!!!! I use a fiber optic stippling blush for an even coverage.
Mineral: I used to love Everyday Minerals until I noticed pale microbumps clustering on my forehead. After reading Sara's blog, I wanted to test out Buff'd Cosmetics, so I ordered a lot of samples. Their mineral foundations provide better coverage. I L-O-V-E the original formula, it covers redness, discolorations and acne scars. The only downside to Buff'd mineral foundation (and most other brands) is that it shifts a lot after it's been on my face for an hour or two. From my experience, it's definitely NOT sweat-proof, so I suggest mineral foundation for those who have drier skin, and/or wearing it during the cooler seasons.
Powder: A tie between M.A.C Stuidio Fix Foundation and Studio Perfect SPF15 Foudation. I keep one in my work locker and one at home. I've been using Studio Fix since '04. It's an almighty product. I don't even really need to wear liquid foundation underneath, just the powder provides enough coverage. An added bonus: It makes my skin look and FEEL silky-smooth thanks to ingredients like silica (absorbs oil) and fine-milled talc (keeps skin matte all day)! I use a latex wedge sponge to apply it when I'm in a rush. The best part is that you can build the coverage, and never ever looks cakey.

By the way, guess what I'll be doing on Sunday...........................I'm climbing Mt. Fuji with my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super-excited!!! I've always wanted to climb our Fuji-san. We're supposed to go to the Nike outlet on Saturday to get me some hiking boots :) I can't wait to take pictures from the top!!! I'll definitely do a post on the climb :)


xppinkx said...

happy belated b-day girl...

so many b-day this month!!!

looks like you had a luxurious night!!!

fuzkittie said...

Mt. Fuji!! I can't wait to see your pictures!! Have fun~

Tracy said...

I also have the L'Oreal True Match foundie. I don't use it that often b/c the derm said I should use liquid foundies, but when I do use it, it works great!

I encountered the same things w/ EDM and Buffd. I really LOVE Meow Cosmetics mineral foundation. It's my fave (so far :D).

Mt. Fuji sounds incredible. Can't wait to see pictures!

P.S. I went to Marukai again and got me some Pore Putty. I also saw the ducky wipes dispenser, and was thinking about getting it. LoL. I should make a list of stuff I want to get the next time I go. I was unprepared this last time.

Vi Anne said...

Hello Aya! Happy Belated Birthday! Wow, Mt. Fuji. I hope I can be able to climb mountains like you.

About the Bistek, yep the soda makes it a bit sweet but not that sweet as to put you off (for me at least). Tell how it goes. :)

PS. I'm having trouble with the lipbalms. I ran out of ingredients and the place I'm getting it from is now non-existent. I ordered online and I'm still waiting for them. I hope it's okay. I'm really sorry I haven't informed you.

Tammy M said...

Aya!!!! You will have a great time on Fuji....I climbed it like a million years ago....drink lots of water!

christy. said...

Mt. Fuji? Holy crap. I've only seen it in pictures and stuff butnot from an actual person's pov. :D sounds exciting .. and COLD. :O or is it. lol.

Vi Anne said...

Tag, you're it!