Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Bash Pt. 1

Here are pics from my birthday weekend. My boyfriend had to work the whole weekend, so we celebrated it on Friday. Here's the yummy cake he got me this year:On the 23rd, my actual birthday, I celebrated it with my Mom and two sisters. We went to a Mexican restaurant downtown where everything was SUPER expensive...I mean, a Tecate was $10!!! Everything was SOOOOOOOOOO good, I had Carne Asada. My family was hilarious, as usual.There was a Mariachi band. When they came to our table, we had them sing 'La Camisa Negra' by Juanes...I love Juanes!!!!!!!!!!!!Pork rinds with salsa...mmmmmm



L said...

that is soooooooooo awesome aya'chan. it's great to see the fam!!! i'm glad you had a good one and boo on jeff for workin!! booooooooo! lol

im sure he made it up to ya tho!

happy happy joy joy'birthdayyyyyyyyyyy! woo!

ok, that was my sing'song to u! LOL


Aya said...

Arigato girl, it was great spending time with the fam. My middle sister (in the teal) is leaving for Toronto for a year on Friday (T__T) I'm gonna cry my ass off when I see her go.

Sara said...

how adorable are you ladies with the matching color tones! I LOVE it! :] You all look BEAUTIFUL!



Keep in touch!

jie jie said...

I got confused whose birthday it was since the number is 62. haha.. your mom's cute in the first pic... so are your baby sisters.

christy. said...

happy belated birthday <33