Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gradient Gray

Another color I'm loving these days...GRAY! I never thought I could wear gray or silver, thought it made me look tacky and tranny-ish. But I likesy!!!

Here's a look I wore out to dinner on Friday with my mother. I finally met up with her for her very belated birthday dinner. We ate at a 'fugu' (blowfish) restaurant. We chose a course which included fugu sashimi, grilled fugu (we grilled it ourselves over a little charcoal grill), fugu-nabe (fugu cooked in soup), zousui (rice gruel) and desert. I had a nice, relaxing time chatting with my mom. Must do that more often!

Colors used:

  • Apply NYX 'White' to inner third of lid.
  • Apply NYX 'Platinum Silver' to middle of lid, to outer corner.
  • Apply M.A.C 'Alum' to outer corner of lid.
  • Apply M.A.C 'Carbon' on the outer-V. (Make a slanted shape on outer lid.)
  • With a pointed detail brush, apply 'Carbon' from outer corner, into 1/3 of contour.
It should look like this so far...
  • Apply 'Carbon' again from outer corner, and blend into middle of lid.
  • Pat on more 'Alum' to middle of lid.
  • With a clean brush, blend between each color and blend away harsh lines.
  • Apply M.A.C 'Femme-Fi' under brow as highlight.
Finished look:


Nic Nic said...

oo very pretty! must try out a look like that :)

omg i love fugu! my bf took me to his local sushi restaurant and we ordered fugu kara age! YUMMY! so expensive lol.

Lani said...

that's hot! love smokey looks on you. ;) i need to change your link now lol.

Vanessa said...