Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm alive, thanks for asking.

Well hello there. Do you remember me? The ex-avid beauty blogger with a potty mouth and a tendency to drop off the face of the earth without providing any witty insight as to why. Hey, it's none of your business anyway. But you love me, right? RIGHT?

I almost got rid of this thing. But I worked so hard on it, and back when I started blogging, it was one of the few outlets I had. I can't bring myself to hit 'DELETE BLOG' just yet. So until I find better hobbies than ogling at beauty/fashion blogs, drinking heavily and working overtime like an unhappy, undersexed middle-aged man, I will share with whatever readers I have my sporadic mind spray.

Today, I leave you with Mr. Hornet, or the Asian Giant Hornet, or Vespa mandarinia Japonica...colloquially known as the yak-killer. He followed me home on a very windy day and decided to take his fury out on my middle finger. Fucker got me GOOD! Doc told me if I ever get stung again I might die.

Random Brain Fart: The Japanese Failure of Medicine
Doctors are so full of sh*t sometimes, especially Japanese ones. They feed you nonsense or don't explain your malady, and prescribe you the wrong drugs. I can't tell you how many times I've passed out from overdosing on my doctor's account. They'll prescribe a dangerous cocktail of anti-inflammatory pills with lung-opening asthma patches. Yeah, one time I had the shakes like a heroin addict for weeks, and all I had was bronchitis! Since many of the doctors at smaller 'inner organ' or '内科' clinics lack the skill or are unequipped to diagnose a patient, they'll draw blood, send the sample to a lab or a University hospital, and ask you to come back for the result in seven to ten days. Of couse you have to pay for the blood exam...but you also have to pay them to get your results! I could go on and on about how Japanese health care sucks, but I'll do that some other time.

Enough mind-barf. Here's the sucker who got me on the day of the typhoon. Roughly ten minutes after my sister took these pictures, excruciating pain spread through not only my finger but my entire hand and my arm. Since a typhoon was raging through Tokyo, all public transportation had I had to RUN my ass to the closest hospital, which is luckily only ten minutes away. But STILL. By the time I got to the hospital my hand was ice-cold. But anyway I lived to tell the tale and have pictures to share. ENJOY.


Chiara said...

OH MY GOODNESS AYA! I hope everything turned out okay! :/ Can't believe you had to run to the hospital in a storm... poor thing... My goodness the hornet is huge. I'd probably die just seeing it in person. How did it sting you?! Did it die afterwards? or will it live to sting even more people ><

I've missed you! :/ I don't care if you only post sporadically, I must say that I do the same-- and I don't even post about makeup anymore, lol. But who cares. As long as i get an occasional Aya-chan post, I'll be happy ;]

Anonymous said...

Hi Aya, haven't heard from you since I sent you that e-mail; soorry it had to be bad news at your return to blogger.

I saw those hornets on National Geographic, SCARY! I was stung 3 times all at once by two wasps in the U.S. and broke out in hives all over my body. No one took me to the hospital. And I did not get my revenge with the wasps. :(

I wish I could live in Japan though, since it is the home of many obsure mangas/animes. My friend can sit in a room all day watching/reading those. I get so jealous since I don't know Japanese. Now I kinda have to learn German.

Maybe we should Skpe sometime, and you can exchange rants :P

alien man?! said...

gah!!! are you okay?
good to see you back here
pwees dun leave us T_T

Claire Tan said...

That is one HUGE ASS hornet! Thank God you're alright! Hope your finger gets better soon! Take care! :)